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We are offering our neighbors whose homes were built prior to 1975 this *$79 Main Drain Cleaning Special with Free Camera Inspection ($200 Value) because we are aware of the problem with older deteriorated cast iron sewer pipes. The age and location (under slabs) of these failing pipes is causing the sewer system to continually back up. Which in turn causes damage and not to mention possible bacterial growth. Once we relieve the blockage, LCS can provide you with a permanent solution to this problem WITHOUT DIGGING UP YOUR FLOORS. Call now and take advantage of this Special Offer. Ask about our CIPP Pipe Lining sotutions.

Restrictions apply. Residential Only. Offer good on homes built prior to 1975. Main Sewer Line Only with Outside Clean-Out Access. Homeowner Must Be Present.


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Using the Dura-Plate 6100 high-performance epoxy protective coating system we can prime and line tanks of various sizes allowing them to accept wastewater in no time.

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