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Industrial pipes make it possible to carry out various processes. They transport water, stormwater, chemicals, gas, fuel, and many other substances. After several years of constant usage, these industrial pipe systems will begin to wear out. They can start to leak, crack or split, before finally breaking entirely.. In order to avoid hindering all industrial, manufacturing, and production processes, it is important to carry out regular maintenance of these industrial pipes. Rather than replacing the pipes, pipe lining offers an ideal way to repair faulty industrial pipes and restore them to full functionality.

Industrial Enterprises We Serve

At Lining Coating Solutions, we service all types and sizes of industrial enterprises. We service the following facilities:

  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial Parks
  • New Construction Sites

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services

The Industrial Pipe Lining Process

Industrial pipelining can be employed to restore drain, water, chemical, fuel, and mechanical piping systems. Following a pipe inspection via a camera inserted into the lines, an epoxy pipe lining material is often used to reline the interior section of pre-existing pipes. New epoxy pipe lining can be installed without removing the old or damaged industrial pipes. This is done via the insertion of an inflatable liner pulled through the pipes in question, then filled with air to allow the epoxy to bond to the old pipe, forming a new one. Once the job is done, you can expect your newly relined industrial pipes to serve you for years to come. Industrial Pipe Lining can be used to reline and rehabilitate PVC pipes and metal pipes such as cast iron, galvanized steel, copper, concrete, and other types used in factories, industrial units, engineering, and manufacturing facilities.

What to Expect from Industrial Pipe Lining

Industrial Pipe Lining is convenient, relatively affordable, fast, and stress-free. This repair and replacement alternative will not only save your company money on costly re-piping, but be an everlasting fix to your damaged or corroded industrial pipes. Industrial Pipe Lining can last form more than 50 years. Installations are quicker and more economic than the traditional industrial repair and replacement method.

Our Technicians

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  • Men have 30 hr or 10 hr Osha training
  • Confined space certified

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