Trenchless vs Traditional Sewer Repair

Lining and Coating Solutions is the commercial and municipal sewer repair expert in the Southeast. We offer a wide variety of solutions to meet any repair need, including both traditional repairs and modern trenchless solutions. If you’re debating between a traditional dig-and-replace repair and a trenchless sewer restoration, here is some information to help you weigh your options.

The age-old method of sewer repair has always been to simply dig a trench to reach the damaged pipe, remove it, and install a new one in its place. Today, large equipment is used to help facilitate the process, but it’s still a noisy, dirty project. On the other hand, trenchless sewer repair uses modern materials and solutions to restore or replace buried pipes without extensive surface damage. Most of the time, Lining and Coating Solutions can apply an epoxy lining that restores the pipe to like-new function and extends the life by decades. When needed, we can also replace the buried pipe with only a small access hole at either end.

Often, the upfront cost of a trench sewer repair is less than trenchless solutions because it requires only basic pipe materials and no special training for the technician. While the initial payout for the traditional repair itself is less, the extensive damage to the property during trenching requires a large amount of costly restoration, especially if concrete or asphalt must be repaved. Trenchless repairs eliminate this expense, so the total project cost for trenchless solutions is usually about half of the total for a traditional repair.

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Traditional repairs are also less complex. There are no decisions to make about the condition of the pipe because a replacement is the only option. Trenchless repairs offer more options: Restoration, replacement, or some combination of the two, so more analysis is needed to make sure we recommend the most effective, least expensive option.

A particularly helpful benefit of trenchless solutions is its preservation of features that would be destroyed during a traditional repair. In addition to saving money on restoration, trenchless repairs prevent the months of bare soil, missing landscaping, and tree stumps that can follow a sewer repair. Your property maintains its attractive appearance and you eliminate environmental impacts such as soil erosion and water runoff.  

The advantages of trenchless repairs are particularly noticeable in commercial and municipal repair projects. Often digging and removing requires that roads be closed for days and pedestrians rerouted, creating annoyance for large numbers of citizens. Businesses must close entrances to accommodate work crews and customers must deal with noise and dirt while they’re doing business.

Factories and warehouses must shut down production areas while concrete slabs are jack-hammered and pipes exchanged. Trenchless repairs can be completed beneath the roads, slabs, and soil while they’re still in use, eliminating the need to interrupt normal activities. In large-scale public or commercial repairs, trenchless is a much more effective solution.

Lining and Coating Solutions has decades of experience repairing commercial, industrial, and government sewer mains with both traditional and trenchless techniques. We can handle any project, no matter how large or complex, and we have the technology to complete it as efficiently as possible. Contact us to discuss your needs and options and we’ll help you develop the right solution for you!

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