Sewer Camera Inspection

Lining and Coating Solutions delivers high-definition sewer camera inspection services to businesses and city administrators in the Southeast. Our technology enables us to take a virtual tour of your sewer system, so we can provide the right solution for every situation, every time. We service all types and sizes of commercial, residential, industrial properties, and municipalities.

How Sewer Camera Inspection Works

To perform a sewer camera inspection, we insert a specialized, waterproof, high definition camera into the sewer system through an access opening, usually through a cleanout port built into the system. We then work the camera systematically through the sewer lines, carefully inspecting every inch in search of tiny fissures, cracks, separated joints, buildup, corrosion, rust, tree root penetration, and other problems. The camera instantly feeds the video through a fiber optic cable to a viewscreen, so our technician can see and evaluate it in real-time. When an issue is noted, we can spend extra time searching the surrounding area for related damage, look for causes, or even take measurements. It’s as if we could be there in person to thoroughly inspect your pipes. The camera can fit into pipes as narrow as two inches and is extremely maneuverable to allow us to see every angle and corner.

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Once we have finished the inspection, we review this information and footage with you, so you’ll have a complete understanding of exactly where the problems lie and the severity of each issue. We will then work with you to develop a correction program that effectively addresses all the immediate problems and provides a plan of action to handle signs of future problems while remaining within your budget and giving results in a time frame that fits your needs. Because we’ve already fully inspected the system before we develop a plan and begin work, you can always feel confident knowing that no time or money will be wasted on inefficient methods, mistakes, or nasty surprises.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Process

Sewer camera inspection is an important part of our trenchless sewer repair process. We’re able to look inside hidden or buried pipes to find areas of damage that are causing your problems, which then can be repaired in place using pipe lining or remote pipe cutting. The camera eliminates the need to dig out the pipe and inspect it visually, saving hundreds or thousands in repair costs. It also allows you to see the finished result, so you’ll know we’ve given you the best solution available.

Sewer camera inspection is also essential for preventive maintenance and planning. Many businesses and municipal administrations struggle to balance budget constraints with aging sewer systems that require updating or large-scale repairs. An annual inspection allows us to monitor signs of aging as they progress. We can then help you implement a comprehensive plan that addresses the most serious issues first and establishes a timeline for upcoming corrections. You can develop a multi-year response program with the comfort of knowing you’re making the best use of your budget dollars.

For more information regarding what you need to take control of your sewer repair process, call Lining and Coating Solutions and schedule your sewer camera inspection. Our skilled technicians will collect detailed video that enables us to provide the right solutions for optimum results.

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