At Lining & Coating Solutions, we offer an easy and far more manageable solution to replacing your pipes. Instead of creating trenches that can run yards deep and wide with conventional dig-and-replace solutions, our continuous pipe lining method simply requires a single, non-invasive access point to get the job done. This keeps costs low and ensures that your business won’t suffer from major downtime during our visit. We service all types and sizes of commercial, residential, industrial properties, and municipalities.

How We Decide If Continuous Pipe Lining For Your Pipelines Is The Best Solution

A camera inspection is the easiest way to assess your pipe lining needs based on the condition and age of the pipes or what damage is discovered. Before continuous pipe lining can be recommended, the process starts with a remote-enabled camera inspection of the pipelines.

A waterproof camera is inserted into the pipe to find where the damaged pipe ends and if there are any additional problems. The technician receives this footage on site, which enables them to adjust the solution if needed. With our equipment, we can inspect up to 1,500 linear feet of hard to reach pipe up to 200 inches in diameter.

After the inspection, the pipe is cleaned by blasting away old buildup and debris. This allows for the pipe walls to return to a smooth and even surface, and this is vital for the CIPP liner to be installed smoothly.

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How Continuous Pipe Lining Works

Continuous pipe lining describes the ability to line hundreds of linear feet of small diameter pipes. This allows our Lining & Coating Solutions specialists to quickly and efficiently repair underground pipes with minimal disruption to your business and property. The results include the same life expectancy as digging up and replacing the pipe at a fraction of the cost and disruption to your property and landscape.

The new pipe that we install is pulled into the host pipeline and replaces it. The liner is grouted after it is placed in the right position to ensure that it is installed properly. This is effective for rehabilitating older pipeline systems without heavy excavation or digging. There is no need to remove the original and broken pipe. 

The Benefits Of Continuous Pipe Lining Services In Tennessee

Completely replacing commercial pipes with our continuous liners makes for a far easier, safer, and more economical method. The destruction of your property can be avoided with this trenchless process, which can save you time and money with the post replacement clean-up.

Our team doesn’t require more than a day to restore the pipes in your business, so there’s little need to inconvenience yourself with having the water turned off for days at a time. The new pipe is usually completely functional after the installation process is completed, and its durability and rigid qualities enhance its lifespan, helping our customers save money in the long-run by avoiding future repairs.

While the inspection and cleaning are separate parts of the continuous pipe lining method, they also have additional benefits to ensure that the liner we installed remains operational. Our inspection services can alert you to additional problems that could become worse over time, and our expert cleaning services restore optimal water flow to the pipe and break down any particles that could allow clogs to form.

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No matter your specific situation, our team of specialists and professionals at Lining & Coating Solutions have the equipment and experience to provide an effective solution. If you’d like to speak to a technician about continuous pipe lining and what we can do for you, please give us a call at 888-345-5112.

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