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Trenchless Pipe Lining

Don’t dig up your property or tear down walls, our trenchless pipe lining technology allows us to fix your pipe problems with minimal disruption.


With the ability to line hundreds of linear feet of small diameter pipe, we can quickly repair your underground pipes with minimal disruption to your business and property.

Tank Lining

Using the Dura-Plate 6100 high performance epoxy protective coating system we can prime and line man-hole entries to accept waste water in no time.

Man Hole Service

Using the Dura-Plate 6100 high-performance epoxy protective coating system we can prime and line tanks of various sizes allowing them to accept wastewater in no time.

Mainline Camera

Keep your pipes healthy or find the source of your problem with a mainline camera inspection. Schedule your inspection today.

Reinstatement 200

We can repair most pipe problems without removal or existing pipe, but we also handle the cutting and removal or those pieces that cannot be fixed.

Trenchless Underground Pipe Lining Services

At Lining and Coating Solutions, we are the leading provider of drain lining solutions in commercial, industrial, and municipal applications in the Southeast.

Camera Inspection

Lining and Coating Solutions delivers high-definition sewer camera inspection services to businesses and city administrators in the Southeast.

Beginning the Job

At Lining and Coating Solutions, we offer premier commercial and residential storm drain pipe repair service in the mid-South and Southeast region.

Continuous Pipe Lining Services

Lining and Coating Solutions is the preferred trenchless sewer pipe repair provider for the mid-South and Southeast region.

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