Trenchless Underground Pipe Lining

Lining and Coating solutions are proud to offer the latest technology in non-destructive pipe repair, trenchless pipe lining. This solution to pipe problems does not require digging a trench or tearing down a wall to access your pipes. This saves significant time, money, and headache for as areas will not need to be closed down for long periods of time to complete work, nor will it require the purchasing and installation of an entirely new system of pipes. Whether it’s a pinhole leak, pipe break, or misaligned joint, our contractors can get if fixed.

The Process

The first part of any trenchless pipe repair is a camera inspection of the interior of your pipes. We use a waterproof camera to accomplish task by inserting it using an existing access point, and running it through the line. This transmits a live video back to a portable screen, allowing us to find the issues inside your pipes, and making sure you get the right solution to your pipe problem. With our equipment we can inspect up to 1,500 linear feet of hard to reach pipe up to 200″ in diameter. You can also receive a copy of this video upon request, and there really is no substitute for being able to inspect the interior of the system.

Once we’ve identified the problem, we use our patented pull in place lining technology to insert an epoxy impregnated inflatable liner into your pipes. Our liner is then inflated to fill the void of the pipe and press the epoxy to the walls of the pipe. This epoxy then cures, sealing any cracks or gaps, by building a new pipe within your old one. That means there is no mess, and a job that used to take weeks can be accomplished far faster.

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