Mainline Camera Pipe Inspections

Mainline pipe lining is the process of using pull in place lining technology to repair and rebuild a damaged municipal or industrial wastewater or stormwater system. At Lining Coating Solutions we are proud to offer this solution to our customers allowing them to save time and money on what can be a complex and costly job. We service all types and sizes of commercial, residential, industrial properties, and municipalities.

The Process

The first part of any work we perform on your pipe systems is a camera inspection. Essentially, we insert an HD camera on the end of a cable into your pipes allowing us to examine them from the inside out. This process, which allows us to identify the source of any current problems, ensuring we get the right fix in place for the issue. All too often the wrong solution is recommended to an industrial or commercial issue leading to unnecessary cost on headache for your business or facility. A camera inspection removes the mystery from the repair process, ensuring we get things fixed right the first time.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services

Once we have identified the source of the problem, we will clean the interior of the pipes and pull through an inflatable epoxy impregnated pipe liner ensuring it’s properly placed within the pipe. We will then inflate the liner, allowing it to fill the void of the pipe and ensuring the epoxy cures to the newly cleaned interior of the old pipes. Once cured, this epoxy forms a durable pipe that allows for normal operation and will last well over 50 years depending on the type of usage.

This means there is minimal disruption to normal operation of the building in question, and a job that would have taken weeks or months using traditional methods can be completed far faster. Contact us today for an inspection or an quote.

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