Man-hole Spraying & Coating

Our team is committed to continued education. Our mission is to provide the best customer experience, product, and service in the industry. To achieve this we regularly train our team on the newest methods and materials. Your tank lining problem is no problem at all for Lining & Coating Solutions, LLC. We service all types and sizes of commercial, residential, industrial properties, and municipalities.

Man-hole & Tank Lining

Using the Dura-Plate 6100 high performance epoxy protective coating system we can prime and line man-hole entries to accept wastewater in no time. Using only top-of-the-line procedures and products we can sandblast, smooth, and line your manhole entries with minimal disruption to surround access and traffic flow.

Industrial Sprayers and Coating

We use commercial grade plural-component sprayers to apply our marine epoxy protective coatings. Our technicians are trained and certified in the use of all equipment we deploy in the field. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from our competition. This commitment requires more training and a better understanding of the most effective methods being used in the industry, and we believe our customers deserve the extra effort. Our protective industrial coatings are intended to last. Period.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services

Easy Inspection of Your Situation

The process starts with a remote enabled camera inspection of your hard to access pipes. With our equipment we can inspect up to 1,500 linear feet of hard to reach pipe up to 200″ in diameter. A camera inspection is the easiest way to assess your pipe lining needs based on the condition and age of the pipes or what damage is discovered.

Remote Pipe Cutting & Repair

We also provide small diameter pipe cutting services for especially damaged sections of hard-to-access pipes. Our trained technicians can also make precision cuts in small diameter pipes up to 100 linear feet from the access point. We also deploy high-tech air-driven cutters to make lateral reinstatements up to 300′ into relined pipes from 8 to 28 inches in diameter.

Quick and Efficient Transformation Using our System

This particular man-hole was so neglected, it was overridden by grass and weeds. The brick and motar had fallen into disrepair. We cleared the opening of debris and other growths, abrasive sprayed the surface, and coated for another lifetime of durable, clean function.

LCS pipe repair services

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