UV Sewer Lateral Spot Repairs

Lining Coating Solutions is at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies for sewer maintenance and repair, like our UV Sewer Lateral Spot Repair using LightRay technology. This advanced method represents a significant leap forward in precision and efficiency for sewer line repairs.

The LightRay system is a cutting-edge solution that utilizes ultraviolet light to cure spot repairs within sewer lines rapidly. It’s a no-dig technology that allows us to target specific areas in need of repair without the need for extensive excavation. This means faster repair times, less environmental impact, and no disruption to the surrounding area.

Here’s how it works: A fiberglass liner impregnated with a special resin that cures under UV light is inserted into the damaged section of the sewer line. Once in place, the LightRay unit, which emits intense UV light, is passed through the liner. The UV light triggers a quick curing process, bonding the liner firmly to the existing pipe, effectively sealing any cracks or weaknesses. This results in a durable repair that is corrosion-resistant and has a long life expectancy, all with minimal downtime.

This trenchless technology is ideal for both residential and commercial applications, providing a reliable, long-lasting solution for sewer lateral repairs. Lining Coating Solutions’ use of LightRay for UV Sewer Lateral Spot Repairs exemplifies our commitment to providing our clients with the most advanced and effective sewer repair options available.


LCS now offers a fast, clean, inexpensive and easy to install Cast-in-place-pipe liner for everyone.

Check out some of the benefits we can pass along to your repair:

1. A UV-CIP liner where 50 feet cures in under 10 minutes regardless of current temperature.

2. A spot repair that cures in just 5 minutes even under water.

3. All material delivered pre-Impregnated, no refrigeration, no wet out table or other chemicals needed and no odors.

4. Pre-impregnated resin saturated liners that can be stored at room temperature for 6 months.

5. LightRay™ devices that utilize the newest UV LED technology for 2 inch to 6 inch pipes.

6. Technology powered by 24 volt DC.

7. Spot repairs placed with our specially designed 90 foot air/power push hose.

8. LightRay™ UV packers that can navigate multiple bends, both 45 and 90 degrees along the same pipe.

9. Materials available in UV activated Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Non-VOC options.

10. Best of all… it’s MADE IN THE USA!


Our UV LED Technology is the simplest & quickest UV system on the market!

Some photos of our UV lining system in action

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