LCS now offers a fast, clean, inexpensive and easy to install Cast-in-place-pipe liner for everyone.

Check out some of the benefits we can pass along to your repair:

1. A UV-CIP liner where 50 feet cures in under 10 minutes regardless of current temperature.

2. A spot repair that cures in just 5 minutes even under water.

3. All material delivered pre-Impregnated, no refrigeration, no wet out table or other chemicals needed and no odors.

4. Pre-impregnated resin saturated liners that can be stored at room temperature for 6 months.

5. LightRay™ devices that utilize the newest UV LED technology for 2 inch to 6 inch pipes.

6. Technology powered by 24 volt DC.

7. Spot repairs placed with our specially designed 90 foot air/power push hose.

8. LightRay™ UV packers that can navigate multiple bends, both 45 and 90 degrees along the same pipe.

9. Materials available in UV activated Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Non-VOC options.

10. Best of all… it’s MADE IN THE USA!

Lightray Lateral UV Spot Repair System

Our UV LED Technology is the simplest & quickest UV system on the market!

Some photos of our UV lining system in action

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