Storm Drain Pipe Repair

At Lining and Coating Solutions, we offer premier storm drain pipe repair service in the mid-South and Southeast region. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, we’re proud to combine the best technology with exceptional service to create outstanding results in every troublesome storm drain situation. We service all types and sizes of commercial, residential, industrial properties, and municipalities.

Fully functioning storm drains are essential to preventing flooding and water damage to business and government structures, parking areas, streets, and sidewalks. When a storm drain pipe cracks or breaks, the leaking water penetrates and saturates the surrounding soil, which ultimately leads to water build up that floods basements, roads, parking areas and even ground-level businesses and office structures. In the past, the only option was to dig up the broken storm drain and replace it. The cost of excavation was compounded by the cost of restoring structures and landscaping damaged during the digging, leading to a long and expensive repair process.

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Restoring the Storm Drain

At Lining and Coating Solutions, we have a better way of restoring this system with our trenchless storm drain pipe repair process. We employ innovative pipe lining solutions to repair your storm drain pipe while it’s still underground, saving you thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs, and significantly reducing the impact on your clients and staff. Instead of digging the pipe out of the ground, we rebuild the pipe from the inside using a specialized epoxy resin. We apply this resin to the damaged storm drain using a flexible sleeve that we slip into the pipe then inflate to adhere the resin to the interior of the old drain. The epoxy cures into a hardened pipe that restores the storm drain to full functionality. The new pipe is an improvement on the original one because it resists the corrosion and tree root penetration that are usually the culprits when storm drains fail.

For complex storm drain pipes that have multiple connections to other inlets or outlets, we also have the tools needed to reopen those connections with lateral reinstatement. As in our pipe lining service, we can work remotely using existing access points to insert the cutting tool, reducing the impact on your staff, clientele, or citizens. For municipal applications, the ability to maintain household and business connections following relining is an essential part of a successful storm drain repair.

Commercial and Municipal Storm Drain Pipe Repair

Because our primary focus is commercial and municipal applications, we have the right tools to handle large-scale industrial storm drain pipe repairs. We can restore pipe over 100 inches in diameter and 1500 feet long, making us the only good choice for municipal storm drain projects. Because all of our technology can be used remotely from dozens of feet away, we can arrange access from a location that creates minimal impact on vehicle and foot traffic during the repair process.

For storm drain pipe repair, Lining and Coating Solutions has the right technology you need to ensure your commercial or municipal project is efficiently completed for long-term results. Our methods are not only cost-saving, but also low-impact to ensure that a storm drain problem doesn’t negatively affect your relationship with your customers and employees. Call us today to discuss your needs and learn how we can put our technology to work for you!

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