Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining in the Gulf Coast of Florida

Many people avoid sewer work not only because of their concerns regarding the price, but also for fear of the inconveniences that come along with it. Seeing the ground or roadways dug up on a construction site for a sewer repair or replacement makes putting yourself in that situation intimidating think about. No one wants to have their property taken over by heavy machinery and turned into a construction zone all to have their pipes worked on.

The fear of living in a real nightmare can be alleviated by the use of trenchless technologies. Here at Lining & Coating Solutions, we are happy to service the customers of the Gulf Coast of Florida with state-of-the-art equipment used to save time, money, and man hours during large plumbing initiatives and jobs. Let us help you understand what trenchless technologies are, what services are offered through them, what outcomes you can expect, and the major benefits of choosing trenchless.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services

What are trenchless technologies?

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement technologies eliminate the need to dig large trenches in your property to access the pipes from the outside, hence the word “trenchless.” Professionals that use these methods to fix issues are saving their customers time, money, and post-work renovations of the traditional pipe repair methods.

From procedures as small as inspections or cleanings to large projects like total sewer repair and replacement can all be accomplished with trenchless technology. We offer various services in each category of service needs, making it possible for you to benefit from trenchless advancements with every visit that you have whether it’s planned, an emergency, or a routine maintenance visit.


Ever wonder what lies beneath our property and in the pipes that carry your wastewater away? Fortunately, the professionals at Lining & Coating Solutions are able to view the inside of your pipes and perform a full assessment – all from external access and without the need to dig to get to the pipes directly.

Trenchless sewer camera inspections use a high-definition camera on a flexible drain hose that is maneuvered through the system and captures footage of the pipe’s interior. This is a great option that not only shows the overall condition of the pipes or the location of one issue, but it also can show any issues that are in early phases and can be fixed before they progress and cause more drastic damage. During an inspection, thanks to the clarity of the photos and videos that are captured, our technicians can see a crack and can have it fixed before it grows into a hole or breaks off, which is a much bigger, more expensive fix. We are also able to diagnose the pipes as a whole and give an estimated time of when we think you will need a total replacement done, allowing you and your family to financially prepare for that investment and to allot time to find the option of replacement that you’re most comfortable with and that is right for you.

Routine Maintenance and Cleanings

This is another preventative maintenance tip and easy way to save money down the road. We’re sure you’re aware that wastewater is toxic. So imagine what the inside of your pipes look like over time? Naturally, layers of corrosion and grime build up inside the pipes. These layers will cause narrow space for waterflow in the pipes and more blockages than normal. The toxic chemicals that are inside the layer of grime are harmful not only to individuals, but also to the pipes. Over time, the toxins will eat away at the pipes, leaving holes and rusting and causing a premature replacement to be needed when it gets extreme. To prevent this, having regular cleanings will keep the pipes in great shape.

Hydro jetting is a popular form of trenchless cleaning. This high-pressurized water cleaning method uses a specialized nozzle attached to a drain hose. This nozzle allows water to blast out and slice through anything in its way, including the buildup. It’s all then washed down into the main sewer lines and your pipes are left refreshed and operating at full capacity. This will preserve the pipes for longer by preventing rusting and breakage.

How can trenchless sewer pipe lining save you money?

Sewer repairs and replacements can be among the heftiest investments you will make when it comes to a plumbing initiative on your home or commercial property. But when trenchless options are in play, it changes the way things are handled. Trenchless sewer pipe lining involves the relining of old pipes with a durable liner that forms into a new pipe inside the old ones (Cured In Place Pipe Lining). The first step after an inspection and cleaning is to cut a piece of liner that is the length of the portion of the sewer pipes that need replaced. A resin solution is then coated on the inside of the liner and smoothed out so that it is evenly throughout. The liner is pushed through the pipes from start to finish in perfect position. Then, it is steamed and inflated to mold to the old pipes. Once it hardens, its tough enough to block off tree roots that try to intrude, it seals cracks that were in the old pipes, and it will act as a new pipe inside of the old one. The liner and new portions are properly sealed to any openings and other pipes and holes are cut where drain pipes connected. Then the process is completed.

This process saves ample time, which in turn will save money. It doesn’t take as long to complete the process, it takes less machinery, and less manpower. This is all a chance to cut on costs, leaving the price tag for this type of fix much lower than traditional digging methods. Plus you’re not left with a mess to clean up afterward. This also allows for a total replacement and the elimination of the need to fix small issues over and over. Each fix that is a different service visit is a different bill. So avoiding multiple calls and visits is important to your savings, and a replacement will prevent that from happening.

While this concept is faster, it also produces results that are even better than the traditional methods of repair. A negative thought is that the faster something is done, the more careless it’s done. But that’s not the case with trenchless. Trenchless sewer pipe lining leaves pipes in a better-than-new condition, allowing water to freely pass through smoothly with no issues. The new resin liner that is used lasts more than 50 years without needing repairs. This comes with proper care, such as annual cleanings and frequent inspections. It’s treated like a normal system and produces the same or better results as any pipes would.

Trenchless sewer technologies are an innovative concept and are revolutionizing the industry of plumbing and sewer maintenance. But beyond just convenience and high-tech equipment, the advancements that this type of work has brought to professionals across the country are invaluable. Professionals such as LIning & Coating Solutions are able to offer better services with better benefits to customers in the Gulf Coast of Florida and surrounding areas.

The amount of benefits of trenchless technologies are endless:

Environmentally friendly

With excavations comes heavy machinery. This type of equipment exudes pollutants into the air and harms the environment around the area, sending toxic chemicals into the air that people in Fort Myers and neighboring areas breathe in every day. Not only is this bad for one day, but with traditional plumbing methods, these processes would take longer. Sometimes upwards of days to weeks worth of work would need done to get the proper parts and get the pipes fully replaced and the property back in order.

Preserves your property

The thought of your property, yards, and gardens being affected should not have to be part of your planning or preparation when dealing with a plumbing issue. Your main focus as well as the focus of the company should be on the pipes and the restoration of your system and maintaining the condition of the property in which we’re working. Traditional excavations called for digging up whatever was in the way. Even if the actual work on the pipes only took a few days, the recovery process for your yard to get back to normal conditions could be weeks or months later. Plus those costs are not considered in the process of the work and not reflected in a price break of any sort.

Doesn’t cause a disturbance in the area.

The main goal is to fix your sewer system during any service, but what you also don’t want is to disturb the neighborhood or community around you. While sewer lines right from your property up the the city’s main sewer line, which normally begins in the sidewalks or streets, the large construction endeavor will still overflow into the street. There are only so many places to store backhoes, dump trucks, and tractors that are used during this process and since the yard is already being dug up, it’s likely that there won’t be much room there to store this equipment during the processes. That means blocking off spaces on the streets. For smaller streets in suburban areas, this can be a nightmare as it can cause disturbances to traffic flow and parking situations for neighbors and visitors. And the heavy machinery does more than just take up space. The traditional excavation process is loud and for elderly neighbors who are home during the day or homes with young children, the noises are a nuisance regardless of the time of day that the project is being worked on.

Doesn’t displace families

Plumbing is a forgotten necessity until it’s not able to be used, then we panic. Imagine a morning of a family trying to get ready for work and school with no water usage. Not able to easily brush teeth, wash up, wash dishes or clothes, prepare foods, or use the restroom. This is a nightmare and unlivable conditions.

Plumbing work mean cutting off water and stopping the use of the sewer system for the amount of time that the lines are being worked on. Thankfully, many trenchless methods are not only easier to clean up and less invasive, but also much quicker to complete, allowing us to complete the project in less than a day and even performing the work while the family is away at work and school so when they return, so residents in South Florida and beyond can go about their lives while their pipes are repaired.

Doesn’t displace workers

From a commercial property aspect, there is a lot on the line when it comes to a large fix such as a sewer replacement. Companies are forced to close when plumbing isn’t available and this can mean a loss in profit. Everyday is critical to a company’s profitability and the longer a business is forced to be closed, the longer they are jeopardizing their profits. Here at Lining & Coating Solutions, we respect this and truly work to get the job done as effectively and quickly as possible to get any business back up and running and allow employees to have a safe environment with proper working plumbing.  

Why choose Lining & Coating Solutions for your Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining?

Getting the job done right the first time is critical to savings and to getting back up and running as quickly as possible whether in your home or place of business. We offer a variety of services in the trenchless option and are experienced and equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to perform the tasks right. Our customers are our No.1 priority and we care about the community in which we serve as well. Call us for your next appointment or for an inspection to see if you’re a candidate for sewer pipe lining!

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