Commercial Drain Cleaning in Memphis, Tennessee

Regular commercial drain cleaning is something most Memphians pay very little attention to. Even though the drains of any business play a vital part in the plumbing system, they are usually ignored until something goes wrong. The pipes that connect the drains to the sewer line and send the waste over to the city sewer main can get clogged for many reasons, and one simple clog can be enough to completely stop all the fixtures in your house from draining.

When something causes an obstruction in the sewer line, it can block any water from passing through, collapsing the whole system. The toilets won’t flush, the sinks will not drain, and your appliances won’t be able to get rid of the wastewater. And if you think a chemical cleaner will get rid of the problem, unfortunately you are wrong.

The Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners
Most of the drain cleaners you find in your home improvement store work by creating caustic chemical reactions. Their formula contains either caustic soda or lye and some could even include sulfuric acid. These are dangerous ingredients that could burn your skin and severely irritate your lungs if they are not handled correctly.

Chemical cleaners can also damage the pipes, especially in older buildings where the pipes are already aged and brittle. If they aren’t able to remove the clog and they sit in the drain for a long time, they can damage PVC, galvanized steel, copper, and iron pipes, so instead of dealing with a clog, you will now have to deal with a clog and a broken or leaking pipe.

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But let’s say you were lucky and that chemical cleaner managed to break up the clog and the water is draining again. What you can’t know is if there are any other deposits in the pipes building up, which will eventually cause another blockage. This is why the only way to completely clean the drains is by hiring a qualified plumber to do it, and Lining & Coating Solutions, LLC can get the job done.

Commercial Drain Cleaning in Memphis Tennessee

We know all the disadvantages that chemical cleaners have, so instead we just use water to get rid of any obstruction in the drains. First, we check out what is happening inside them with a sewer camera inspection that shows us the type of obstruction and its location. Then we send in a high-pressure hose that blasts the blockage with a water stream that not only removes the clog, but also any debris stuck to the pipe’s walls so it can’t build-up and cause a blockage in the near future.

Few plumbing companies have the tools and experience necessary to perform this type of commercial drain cleaning, but we have been doing it for decades so you can be assured that the problem will be handled in the most professional and efficient way. Contact us today and have the drains in your property cleaned. Even if everything seems fine, cleaning the drains once a year can remove any sludge currently present in the pipes, which could pose a risk of clogging later on.

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