Lining and Coating Solutions is offering the area of Sarasota County services that can help keep drains healthy and strong. Whether is just needs to be cleaned or needs some repair, we offer safe and quick solutions to get your drain back to its full function.

When Are Drain Cleaning & Sewer Line Repairs Recommended In Sarasota County?

To find out what services your drain needs, our technician will first do a video camera inspection. This allows them to have visual access to the interior so that they are able to find the problem. And this allows them to make appropriate decisions based on what the video shows.

If we find that your drain just needs to be cleaned, we have a quick and powerful method that can get it fixed. Hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly and safe process to remove gunk and debris from the inside of your drain. If your drain appears to have a clog rather than just mineral deposits, the hydro jetting can easily remove that, too.

A hose with a unique nozzle is inserted into the drain, just underneath the clog or dirty area. The hose is attached to a pressurized water tank and allows the water to be blasted out at 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI). The force of the water can break down clogs or deposits into small particles that can be easily flushed away down the drain. It scourges the sides clean, leaving you with restored and smoother water flow.

However, if our inspection reveals that there is more damage or weakened areas that need to be addressed, the drain may need to be repaired following a cleaning session. Having it lined can help restore its strength and cover up cracks or leaks. The lining process does being with having the drain cleaned, so that old debris doesn’t continue to restrict water flow or make an unruly surface for the lining to adhere onto.

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After the cleaning session is finished, a sleeve is inserted and positioned in the drain. This sleeve has a layer of epoxy resin on the outside, which will form the lining. An internal bladder inflates the sleeve, which forces it against the walls of the drain. The pressure allows for a smooth and even application. Then, in the span of about twenty-four hours, the epoxy is able to cure and harden into a new wall. The sleeve can be removed and the drain is functional once again.

The Benefits Of Drain Line Cleaning & Repair Services In Florida

Both of these cleaning and repair options have many benefits. Hydro jetting utilizes just water, rather than adding chemicals that could cause damage or be a hazard to your health. Lining your drain only takes about twenty-four hours for the repair to be finished and doesn’t require you to shut your water off for days at a time.

In addition, our methods are trenchless, which means they don’t require extensive digging and the long repair timeline that comes with it. These services offered by Lining and Coating Solutions avoid the mayhem that came with the traditional method of removing parts of your yard and home just to have access to your drain.

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At Lining & Coating Solutions, we understand how important it is for commercial industries to keep their pipes functioning smoothly. For our customers working in the Sarasota County, FL area who require their drains to be cleaned or repaired, look no further than Lining & Coating Solutions to get the job done.

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