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Drain lining is one of the trenchless pipe repair methods our staff provides at Lining Coating Solutions for our customers in Charleston and the surrounding cities.  

In the past, heavy equipment and large crews were required to dig through the property in order to access the pipes, which often resulted in the business or office needing to shut down for the allotted repair times. As a result, the time spent on these projects was extremely prolonged, with substantial pipe replacement efforts taking days and landscape and cement repairs required afterwards. The expenses were inflated since customers needed to budget not only for the pipe repair itself, but subsequent remediation and labor crew costs.

Today, the prospect of sewer pipe repairs is far more cost-effective and reassuring for business owners in Charleston. The CIPP lining repair method requires no digging or trenching of landscaping, and the process can usually be completed within hours. The pipe in question remains in place during all of the trenchless-based processes of diagnosing and treating the pipeline problem, saving our customers a significant amount of time and money.

The process of sewer lining begins with the use of our sewer camera inspection. This inspection is the most cost effective and speedy way to determine the exact problem and its location within the pipeline. The state of the art, robotic camera and its optic cable are inserted into the pipeline from an existing entry point such as a drain or an outside access point. The camera allows our specialists to record the full circumference of the pipeline system, and once any cracks, leaks, or other complications have been identified, we can move forward with determining the best solution for resolving it.

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If a crack has been identified through our camera inspection, the next step is to prepare the original pipe interior wall for the CIPP liner repair. All corrosion must be removed from the pipe wall. Our specialists at Lining Coating Solutions use hydro jetting to scour the interior of the pipeline clean. This process leaves behind a clean underground pipeline, ready to be repaired.

CIPP lining is the solution when a crack is discovered within the pipeline. This process uses an epoxy resin coated liner and an inflatable bladder, and both are inserted into the broken pipeline. The bladder inflates the liner, which causes the epoxy resin to be pressed against the interior circumference of the pipeline. The liner remains inflated for a few hours, allowing the resin to cure. Then the bladder and liner are removed, leaving behind a smooth, impenetrable pipe inside the original pipe. This entire process is celebrated for its ability to be completed without extensive excavation, property damage, large labor crews, or machinery, allowing the drains in the facilities to be quickly restored and have business resume as normal.

No matter what the problem may be, Lining Coating Solutions dedicated staff is available and ready in the Charleston area to provide you with trenchless drain repair methods. Call us now for a consultation, and we look forward to speaking with you.

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