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At Lining Coating Solutions, we are proud to offer our customers drain lining services in the Lakeland community. We understand the importance of a business keeping its doors open, and because of this, we keep our repairs minimally-invasive and discreet.

Rather than the conventional dig-and-replace methods of the past, we employ drain lining as the preferred, eco-friendly alternative, ensuring that the pipes in your business and office remain underground. We avoid the need for using large machinery and labor crews to get the job done, components of trench-based repairs that were extremely expensive and destructive. Our process relies on rehabilitating the pipes from the inside, and the final result is fully operational, smooth drains that will function efficiently for many years following its installation.

For this process to be completely effective, we first begin with a sewer camera inspection. The sewer camera is a specially designed tool for underground inspections and can fit in various pipeline diameters, exposing problems including corrosion, cracks, leaks, and clogs. With this method of inspection, we are able to properly diagnose the pipes from the inside while keeping the digging to an absolute minimum, as the camera is either inserted through an existing access point, such as a clean out, or a small hole that our specialists dig. Once the problem areas have been identified and a solution has been decided on, we take the time to thoroughly clean the drains and pipes with hydro jetting. This process not only removes clogs and debris, but it also restores the smooth diameter of the pipeline so that our drain lining installation goes accordingly. Once this is finished, we can move forward with the needed repairs.

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Our drain lining services share the same principles as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. The process involves inserting a resin-layered liner and an inflatable bladder into the pipeline, positioning it alongside the areas of damage. Once in place, the bladder is inflated, pushing the liner to adopt the diameter of the original pipeline while forcing the epoxy resin to coat the interior of the pipes. The resin, after being transferred to the interior, is given time to cure and harden for several hours. After it hardens, the result is a new liner installed inside of the old pipe, sealing away the presence of cracks and leaks while providing a new, smooth interior for wastewater to flow through, resisting the possibility of clogs forming.

CIPP lining is an extremely versatile method of repairs and can be employed to restore small sections of a drain line or the entire length of the pipeline. Its discreet installation process ensures that repairs will be conducted quickly so that your business can keep its doors open throughout our visit, and with an expected lifespan of at least 50 years or more with regular checkups and maintenance, the drain liner will serve your business to maximum effectiveness.

At Lining Coating Solutions, our staff is dedicated and proud to serve the Lakeland community with the best repair solutions in industry. If your business requires fast repairs, call our team today for assistance, and we look forward to offering excellent, high-quality results.

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