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Storm drains play an important role in protecting your home from flash floods or high amounts of rainfall. The collected water is led down many pipe systems till it reaches the city’s main line, but if it isn’t working properly, that collected water could end up flooding your yard and property. Storm drains erode and become damaged over time, so it’s inevitable that they will need to be repaired. We want to help Miami with these potential problems by offering our affordable trenchless storm drain lining solution, a process that will save our customers from having to deal with excessive demolition or time-consuming repair times.

Lining and Coating Solutions is able to provide Miami our trenchless lining services when addressing storm drain issues. Our technology is far more effective and takes much less time when compared to the traditional method of digging up lines. Gone are the times of needed loud digging machines and crowds of workers that have access to your property. All we need is a day, not even a week or a month that the original digging required, and a small crew to complete our job.

Our method is called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining and is a very effective method for a damaged storm drain. CIPP begins with a video inspection. Our camera equipment allows for a timely diagnosis of the drain’s problem and then we can start employing the solution right away. After finding the problem, we then clean the pipe so our epoxy substance can cure and adhere to the interior walls of the pipeline. We use a high-performance Dura-Plate 6100 epoxy that is often used for industrial water waste facilities, so it’s perfect for storm drains and the amount of water that they can receive. This epoxy is applied to a tube that is inserted and then inflated. This forces the epoxy against the pipe wall and allows the epoxy to seal leaks and cracks. The use of the inflated tube forces the epoxy to dry in the shape of the pipe and without intruding on the pipe diameter, which is very important for the amount of water flow. It generally takes several hours for the epoxy to cure, and once done, we give it a final inspection and you have a new pipe within a pipe.

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The CIPP method is very painless and tension-free for homeowners. There is no need for us to tear up concrete or any part of your yard in order to have access to the drain. In the case of an approaching rainstorm, the CIPP is functional in roughly 24 hours so you don’t have to be concerned with even more damage by a possible storm. In fact, the benefits of this trenchless method include an improved water flow, so you’re less likely to run the risk of overflow compared to before the drain had been fixed.

If you are in the Miami area and are worried about the condition of your storm drain, give us a call at 888-345-5112 to schedule a quick and easy inspection. Or if you feel our CIPP method is a good fix for your drain problem, we’d be happy to out there and take care of it!

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