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At Lining Coating Solutions, we have been operating in St. Petersburg, Florida for several decades now, and with our experience and modern techniques, our experts always get the job done right and within the allotted time frame. Our drain lining services are among the most advanced in the industry because of its eco-friendly qualities and ability to be installed quickly.

In the past, repairing and replacing pipes was a big hassle and the process disturbed the routine of the people working in the building. The process would take several days to complete and would require a large part of the landscaping to be dug out, ruining the appearance of your building. Now, with contemporary technology and new methods, the entire process can be completed in the space of a few hours. One of these new techniques is trenchless pipe lining. This process does not require any hole to be dug on the property or any wall to be torn down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pinhole leak, pipe break, damaged interior, or misaligned joint, our experienced and professional technicians will get the job done in a short time and at very reasonable rates.

Before our licensed professionals can get to work, the pipe needs to be inspected to determine the current condition of the pipes and to provide a quote to you. A waterproof camera is inserted into the problematic pipe for our technicians to be able to assess the interior. This is done through an existing access point, and the camera is navigated through the bends and turns of the pipeline so that our technicians can ensure that no other problem areas need to be addressed. High-quality footage is fed to a screen for our technicians to review and identify leaks or clogs as necessary. Our equipment can span up to 1,500 feet in pipeline inspections, ensuring that no section is left unseen. We are also happy to provide our customers with their own copy of the footage if they so choose.

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Once our professionals have determined the issue in your pipes, we will use the patented pull-in-place lining technology to insert an epoxy inflatable liner into the selected pipe. This state-of-the-art liner is then inflated to fill the entire length of your pipes, completing the void that was present and the epoxy is effectively pushed to the walls of the pipe, causing it to adhere along the wall. This epoxy then hardens, filling any gaps and sealing any holes by effectively building a brand-new pipe inside your old one.

Drain lining is a process that results in little damage, costs far less than traditional methods, and only takes a quarter of the time to complete. In addition, not only is the process more eco-friendly and fast to install, the new pipe is comprised of a strong, durable material that allows it to withstand corrosion and tree root infestations. With this resistance to outside factors and a smooth interior to encourage more efficient water flow, the pipes in your business will function properly for many years. The pipes we install are also expected to a lifespan of at least fifty years or more with regular maintenance, ensuring that business owners won’t need to worry about more repair work anytime soon. Call Lining Coating Solutions today at 888-345-5112 and get your pipes fixed now!

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