Mainline Camera Inspections in Atlanta, Georgia

As mainline pipes age, repairs eventually become inevitable. Even well-maintained sewer systems will eventually experience leaks, clogs, tree root damage, and even total pipe collapse. If left untreated, sewer or water line issues can quickly escalate into a major problem.

The first step in many sewer repairs is a video camera inspection. At Lining and Coating Solutions, we use our state-of-the-art video cameras to assess the condition of many different pipes and piping materials throughout Atlanta and the Mid-South.

How Is a Mainline Video Camera Inspection So Effective?

Many common sewer problems reveal themselves with warning signs such as flooding, pungent odors, mold growth, slow drains, and toilet backups. However, identifying that there is a problem is not the same thing as knowing how severe it might be, or what tools and techniques are the required to fix the issue effectively. This is why video camera sewer inspection can save so much time, and money for our customers while reducing inconvenience and uncertainty.

Before the advent of sewer camera technology, sewer repair technicians wasted much of their time on educated guesswork trying to figure out the location and nature of a problem buried deep under the ground. Without being properly able to identify the location of a problem in the mainline, inaccurate diagnoses were often made and led to unnecessary cost and hassle for the customers. But at Lining Coating Solutions, our camera inspection eliminates all the unknowns from the repair process and ensures our plumbing experts are using the best solution to fix the pipes right the first time.

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When you order a video inspection from Lining and Coating Solutions, a highly skilled technician will guide a small, waterproof camera throughout your sewer pipe using a monitor. The camera records a real-time, high-definition video feed that allows your plumber to identify trouble spots such as root blockages, leaks, broken or corroded pipe, grease buildup and other obstructions. We can then recommend the best option for fixing the problem – whether it’s a simple pipe cleaning, or a full pipe replacement.

Advantages of Mainline Camera Inspections with Lining Coating Solutions

There are many advantages to video camera inspections, such as:

  1. Cameras can go places humans can’t access. The cameras used in video inspection techniques are attached to highly flexible tubes, so they can easily get around sharp corners or tricky bends. They can also fit inside pipes from 2 to 36 inches in diameter without a problem. Even pipes that are buried under cement or located beneath a building’s foundation are not off-limits to our specially designed video cameras.
  2. A video inspection eliminates speculation. In a video camera sewer inspection, radio transmitters on the camera will record the depth and physical location of the pipe blockage or flaw, so the technician can see precisely where the source of the problem is. This allows us to resolve the issue as quickly and affordably as possible.
  3. A video camera can spot future flaws. Another reason to consider a video sewer line inspection is that your plumber can also recognize any areas with the potential to cause damage or other problems in the future. That way, you can head them off before they develop into a larger inconvenience.
  4. Video cameras are minimally intrusive. There’s no need to dig up any portion of the pipes to conduct a video inspection. We can get a complete picture of the inside of the pipeline without causing any destruction or disruption.

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