Pipe Camera Inspection in Lafayette, Louisiana

Lining & Coating Solutions offers innovative pipe camera inspection to businesses and homes in the beautiful Lafayette community. Our pipe camera inspections will provide comprehensive information that you can visualize and understand, and we will work together with you to meet your sewer line needs and produce results that are guaranteed to satisfy.

Pipe camera inspection is a process that enables our technicians to visually inspect the interior of sewer lines before we begin work. A high-definition camera attached to fiber optic cable is fed through the drain, where it captures video of the interior pipe and instantly feeds it back to a screen. The technician can fully explore the sewer line, noting areas of damage, corrosion, and buildup that are causing problems now or could lead to problems later.

In the Lafayette area, sewer problems can come from many sources – nearby new construction, tree growth, storm damage, even our unusually hard water – and knowing the cause of the problem is essential to developing an effective solution. Our camera footage is clear enough to see the cause of a blockage, the thickness of buildup, and the severity of damage. Once we’ve reviewed the video, we’ll use this information to develop a complete repair program that will effectively solve your problem now and prevent a recurrence later. We’ll share the footage with you, so you can understand the nature and severity of your problem, then we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re satisfied with the repair plan and comfortable with the cost of the project before we begin work.
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Preventive Pipe Camera Inspections for Businesses and Municipalities

In commercial and municipal applications, an annual camera inspection can save tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and repair costs by identifying potential sewer issues early, allowing time to make minor repairs that prevent sewer malfunction. When a major sewer failure could lead to days or weeks of lost business, disrupted traffic, and bad press, the minimal cost of a pipe camera inspection is a sound investment.

As they age, cast iron and clay sewer mains develop microfractures and corrosion that eventually lead to major problems, such as collapsed pipes and massive water leaks. During a routine pipe camera inspection, our skilled technicians can spot these indications and provide you with an analysis of where your mains are showing signs of wear. We’ll help you develop a rehabilitation strategy that takes advantage of modern solutions such as pipe lining, so you can repair the aging pipes in place and extend their life expectancy. This will enable you to effectively budget for repairs according to greatest need.

Pipe camera inspections are practical for businesses and homes, allowing our customers to benefit from an annual inspection to identify signs of deterioration and avoid disrupting families with major repairs. In addition, pipe camera inspections are also a good idea before buying a new home, ensuring that damaged sewer lines can be fixed before any purchases are made and saving additional costs from repairs.

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Lining & Coating Solutions brings the best in pipe camera inspection technology to homes and businesses in Lafayette. Call us today to learn more about ways we can put our cameras to work for you!

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