Sewer Camera Inspection in Clearwater, Florida

Sewer camera inspection and leak detection services provided by Lining and Coating Solutions gives business owners, facilities managers, and city managers the information you need to take control of your sewer maintenance program with informed decisions based on real-time analysis. Our technology ensures that sewer problems are accurately identified and evaluated so that the right solutions can be applied for effective results.

The Technology & Equipment We Use At Lining Coating Solutions

Sewer camera inspection is performed with modern video technology that remotely collects clear footage of the pitch-dark, hidden interiors of sewer lines. We use a specially-designed camera that is durable enough to withstand the watery, dirty, crowded pipes but sensitive enough to provide detailed video for effective analysis. Depending on the needs and the sewer environment to be inspected, we can choose from standard high-definition or infrared camera options to ensure the best results. The camera is small enough to squeeze into pipes as narrow as two inches, so it can reach nearly any sewer pipe, no matter how small or how deeply buried in the wall, foundation slab, or property area.
During the inspection, our highly-trained technician inserts the appropriate camera through an existing opening in the pipe, such as a pipe connection or a built-in access point called a cleanout port. As it’s collected, the footage is fed instantly through an attached fiber optic cable to a viewscreen where the technician can see it in real-time. It creates a virtual, high-definition walk-through of the sewer system, and we show the footage to our customers to give them a firsthand look at the condition of their sewer system.
The technician carefully maneuvers the camera through the pipe, inspecting the surface of each pipe for cracks and corrosion, checking elbows and joints for separation and tree root intrusion, measuring the thickness of mineral buildup, and checking for obstructions. Our technicians are experienced in locating subtle signs that indicate the beginning of more serious sewer issues, and we are familiar with the areas that most frequently develop failures.

Our Solutions

With the information collected in the sewer camera inspection, the technician will work with you to develop a restoration plan that addresses each of the issues identified. We will discuss which problems require immediate attention and which can be postponed and budgeted for later. We will also recommend the best solutions to correct each area in the most cost-effective way possible. We want you to feel satisfied with your experience.
Sewer camera inspection is particularly helpful for businesses when developing preventive maintenance schedules and long-term update strategies. A yearly sewer inspection helps you keep tabs on the progression of sewer aging so that you can make extended plans for updating older mains and relining pipes that are showing age. Clearwater’s commitment to ensuring a strong infrastructure can be readily facilitated with routine annual sewer inspections, allowing you to develop a comprehensive response program to address sewer updates in an orderly way that makes the best use of budget dollars.

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