Conducting a visual inspection of your sewer lines offers many different benefits, especially when it is performed by Lining and Coating Solutions. Ensuring the longevity of your company, giving the precise solution to a potential problem, and even saving you money are all possible outcomes with the services we offer in Sarasota County.

What Are The Benefits Of Sewer Camera Inspection & Leak Detection Services In Sarasota County?

Sewer camera inspection can help eliminate future problems or the continued worsening of current issues. With the help of the high definition and waterproof cameras, the interior of the sewer pipes are easily visible and allow the technicians to identify the problems. These problems can be small and unobtrusive cracks, but they could easily turn into larger leaks if left undetected. Even invading tree roots that are blocking water flow can begin to destroy the pipe. Having these problems identified ahead of time can prevent them from becoming disastrous. For example, a burst pipe could be incredibly expensive and leave your home flooded and unsanitary.


To start off the inspection, the camera is inserted into an existing access point, such as a sink or toilet. This camera is mounted in fiber-optic cables that allow it to travel down into the sewer lines to find even the small issues or breaks. As the camera travels down into the length of the pipe, it sends back video footage in real-time to a portable television. Having the interior of a pipe be visible allows for the technician to identify these problems quickly, and tailor a specific solution to it. It takes away the need for guesswork. Repair and replacement are two different options, but the pipe could also need something as simple as hydro jetting to keep it clean.

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These crack, leaks, and corrosion are inevitable as the sewer pipe ages, so having an inspection as regular maintenance would help keep the problem from becoming more severe. In particular, corrosion can weaken areas of the pipe and can be the catalyst for these issues. Our sewer camera inspections are affordable, especially when compared to completing replacing a damaged pipe.


Whether purchasing a business building or working in an older one, routinely inspecting the health of the sewer system is essential. Mold or rot caused by leaks could weaken walls and even be a hazard to your health. Invading tree roots or current cracks could heighten your water bill, but they also have the potential to burst the sewer pipe. Additionally, something as simple a clog could also be causing problems in your home, but an inspection can find it and then the technician can get rid of it for you.


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