Sewer Camera Inspection in Lakeland, Florida

Sewer camera inspections are the important linchpins that connect all phases of trenchless sewer pipe repairs and cleaning services. The compact, waterproof, and robotic piece of equipment plays a big part in removing the old fearsome digging and trenching aspect from sewer pipe repair, ultimately keeping your business thriving and successful with limited repair work.
Our sewer camera inspections are conducted at the beginning of any visit, and regardless of the work needed, our inspections precede any additional services. This important step allows the technician to determine the cause of the pipeline’s faulty functioning and exactly pinpoints the location of the problem within the pipeline. All this is accomplished without performing any digging in your expensive and carefully manicured landscaping.

Our technician is able to insert the camera into the sewer pipeline through the sewer pipe access point, located just outside the building. The camera is connected to an optic cable. This cable allows the technician to direct the movement of the camera within the pipe and also relays the video feedback to the surface. Using the video information, the cause of the pipelines troubles can be identified without causing any disruption to the surface above the pipe, preserving the landscaping of your business and the parking lot so that you won’t have to close your doors during our job.

Should a blockage or a large amount of corrosion within the pipe be identified as the cause of a slow drain or backed up wastewater, a trenchless hydro jetting process is used. The high-pressure water blast surging from the specialized jetting head scrapes all the corrosion from the inside of the pipeline and bursts apart and forcefully washes way any clogs. After the hydro jetting process is complete the camera is run through the pipeline again, to confirm that the process was completed successfully and to check for any cracks now visible once the corrosion has been removed.

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If a crack is identified, pipe coating is employed to create a new interior pipeline, effectively sealing over the crack. To begin the process, an epoxy resin liner is placed within the pipe. The sewer camera is used to confirm proper placement. The liner is then inflated, holding the resin in place against the pipe wall and supporting it while hardening is completed. After the resin has hardened for a few hours, the liner is removed. The camera is inserted into the pipeline again, allowing the technician to scan the new wall to ensure a smooth, durable, interior pipe has been created. Our pipe coating solutions can be employed to fix a number of different types of pipelines, including storm drains, making it a versatile solution. The precision and accuracy of our solutions is dependant on the results we find in our sewer camera inspections, making it an invaluable component of all of our work.

Our team at Lining Coating Solutions is proud to provide the Lakeland area with prompt, cost-effective solutions to any sewer pipeline concerns and conduct a proper, thorough sewer camera inspection. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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