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When buying an office building that is several years old, having regular pipe inspections can provide preventative care and can help you avoid expensive disasters. At Lining Coating Solutions, we are proud to offer Miami a quick method of taking care of your sewer pipes. Having an inspection performed can give you the evidence for better bargaining opportunities as well as preventing you from spending hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs after your purchase has been finalized.

Our inspection process does not require us to dig up a pipe to drill a hole in it. Our work in trenchless, so there’s little worry of property damage. We rely on inserting our cameras through existing pipe connections or digging a small, strategically placed hole to serve as the access point for the work we will be doing. Because of how minimally invasive this process is, it won’t disrupt your daily process. In addition, after we have recorded the footage we need, you can even request a copy for reference and we will be glad to do so. More often than not, a potential problem will not show up until several weeks or months later, after the damage is done. Our inspection allows us to identify these risks or damage ahead of time, and we can then give you the best course of action.

Business buildings over 40 years old often have weakened or leaking pipes, and our technology helps us identify a potential issue. To be safe, more than just your sewer pipes should be inspected. Years of water use affects all different pipe systems, not just the sewer, and the versatility and ease of our method allow us to handle these different situations. Our advanced visual inspection equipment is first inserted into an existing access point. We can inspect up to 1,500 feet of linear pipes, up to a diameter of up to 200 inches. This is possible because our CCTV cameras are attached to crawlers that have easy access to the pipe system. A portable screen allows the technician to see the interior of the pipe as they inspect it, so there’s no need for us to go back to the shop to analyze the footage. We can do it right there on the spot.

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If we do discover a problem, our inspection gives us the exact location and the exact damage, and we can come up with the best course of action while on the property. Because of the accuracy of our video equipment, there’s no room for us to second-guess what the potential issue is. In the case where we do discover a problem, we do offer trenchless repair options from pipe lining to coating. These options can provide quick and stress-free solutions to both extensive and more minor problems.

Our quick, preventative care can get your business back on its feet with little interruption. If you are concerned about the condition of your pipes, please give us a call at 888-345-5112. We take pride in our work and want to give you the best experience possible while taking care of your business!

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