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Lining and Coating Solutions is the premier sewer line repair service provider in sunny, beautiful Clearwater, Florida. We provide no-excavation sewer repairs for commercial applications that can restore pipes with problems as minor as a simple leak or as difficult as a broken main. For rapid results today that last for years into the future, you can count on us.

Benefits Of Trenchless Technology

At Lining and Coating Solutions, our primary focus is on no-dig, trenchless solutions because they don’t require the typical exposure trench to allow for full pipe removal. Instead of days or weeks of heavy excavation, damaged asphalt or concrete roads and drives, or thousands of dollars in labor and materials, we can fully restore a pipe by inserting an epoxy liner into the damaged pipe through relatively small, easily-opened access points.

Our trenchless sewer line repairs are particularly beneficial when the broken or leaking pipe lies beneath a road or parking area. In trenching techniques, streets would have to be shut down or parking relocated so the pipe could be dug out and replaced. We require only a very small access area, leaving streets and parking available for continued use.

Another beneficial aspect of sewer line repair with Lining and Coating Solutions is rapid project completion. With the elimination of digging, replacing, refilling, and repaving, we can typically complete a repair in less than half the time – and often in less than one-quarter of the time – of standard replacement. Even the minor annoyance that a trenchless repair causes to employees, clients, and constituents will be short-lived, and project managers can quickly close the project and move on to other initiatives.

Not only is our sewer repair technology faster, it is also more cost-effective. Reductions in labor hours alone can drop the project budget significantly, plus decreased expenses for debris removal, property restoration, and materials further reduce the cost. Our total project outlay is typically 50% of a standard pipe restoration.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services

The Sewer Line Repairs Conducted By Our Specialists

At Lining and Coating Solutions, our sewer line repairs utilize an ultra-strong epoxy liner to create a cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, within the damaged one that essentially replaces it without any removal needed. We insert a specialized, removable tube coated in the epoxy into the pipe and inflate it, which forms the new pipe once the epoxy finishes hardening over the next twenty-four hours. We then use our remote cutter to reopen inlets and outlets up to 100 feet from the access point, effectively restoring the pipe to a condition that is superior to the original pipe specifications.

Sewer line repairs with trenchless technology improve waste flow thanks to the restoration material’s hyper-smooth surface and seamless construction. It is also rust resistant and anti-corrosion, including saltwater corrosion from storm flooding and wind surge. It prevents tree root infiltration around joints, and it is impervious to heat damage. A pipe that has been restored by Lining and Coating Solutions will outlast any traditional pipe replacement method, surviving in the difficult Florida climate for over 50 years.

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