Sewer Repair in Largo, Florida

For businesses and commercial industries across Largo, having a clean and operational sewer system is of the utmost importance. At Lining & Coating Solutions, we are proud providers of sewer line repair options that are trenchless-based, no-dig solutions. If your business is suffering from the effects of a faulty sewer line, don’t hesitate to call on our team of professionals to fix your pipes and restore your company standards.

Past Versus Present Processes of Sewer Line Repairs

Traditionally, sewer line repairs were an invasive process that required heavy excavation. The plowing and digging needed to expose the sewer lines often took weeks to resolve, and the damage could potentially extend to the streets and sidewalks. This collateral damage often forced businesses to shut their doors during repairs, a decision that could be detrimental to a company whose success was reliant on bringing in customers.

Fortunately, at Lining & Coating Solutions, this is no longer the case. We don’t spend several weeks on end digging trenches and excavating floors or demolishing the walls. Instead, we are capable of rehabilitating the pipes from the inside.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services

Sewer Line Repairs With The Professionals

In order for our work to be successful, we first need to diagnose the problem. The diagnosis can be finished quickly by employing innovative camera inspection and leak detection technology. Our equipment can be inserted directly into the sewer system, giving us a clear look at the condition of the pipes. Once we have identified what the primary issue is and how it needs to be fixed, we have a variety of solutions at our disposal. In both cases, the solutions we recommend are trenchless in nature, keeping your company’s property completely intact throughout the entirety of the appointment.

Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining, also commonly referred to as cured-in-place pipe lining, allows our experts to rehabilitate pipes from the inside, rather than dig them out from underneath the soil and repair them manually. CIPP lining is successful because we are able to insert the liner saturated in epoxy resin directly into the damaged sewer line and expand it. The liner inflates and adheres to the inside of the host pipe, forcing the epoxy resin to coat the interior evenly. Within a few hours, the resin cures and hardens, resulting in a brand new, durable, pipe within a pipe.

Pipe Cutting

A unique service that we are proud to offer, pipe cutting gives us the capability to remove defective portions of the pipe and repair it without excavation. Pipe cutting is effective for removing sections of the pipeline that are too damaged to support the CIPP lining, including severe erosion and complications with shifting soil. This way, we can remove damaged portions of the pipe as needed and still rehabilitate it with the lining solutions. The cutters we insert into the pipeline are incredibly sharp and allow us to precisely cut away areas of damage. Both of these methods encourage our solutions to be long-lasting and serve our customers for over 50 years.

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At Lining & Coating Solutions, we are happy to assist commercial businesses across Largo with their sewer system requirements. When your system is backing up or flooding, look no further than the specialists at Lining & Coating Solutions to get the job done right the first time.

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