Sewer Line Repair in Pinellas, Florida

Pipe problems could compromise both family and staff health, whether you’re experiencing one in your home or your business. You will also have to contend with a huge excavation process just to find the source of your sewer problem. At Lining & Coating Solutions, we use the no-dig pipe repair technology to bring you the best possible plumbing service in Pinellas, Florida.

Pipe lining, one of the latest trenchless innovations, foregoes the need to do massive digging or destroying the walls of your property. Fewer hours of labor are needed, and there are virtually no restorative costs of landscaping after. We can get the issue fixed no matter your plumbing emergency.

Video Inspecting Technology

Our pipe repair technicians work exclusively above the ground in bringing you the latest sewer camera inspection process. Using accurate, modern devices we can conduct a virtual tour of your whole sewer system. Using the information gained we give the right plumbing solution for your particular issue each and every time.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services
Only one access point is needed to get the job done. It can be a cleanout port that’s built-in or a nearby manhole. A high-end CCTV equipment is fed down the pipes, deep down underground that’s hidden and buried out of sight. The live feed provides a look at what’s going inside your sewer lines. Every inch is covered even during the preliminary stage of the repair. The flexible optic line lets our technicians navigate to any part of your line, even in corners and tight bends.

The video feed is sent to a compatible viewing device in real time. Information is written down, reviewed and revealed as necessary so you’ll get a visual and understand why we’re recommending a particular solution.

Sewer Pipe Lining

CIPP, or Cured In Place Pipe is a no-dig solution which leaves the current infrastructure untouched. This is a trenchless method wherein a special epoxy resin is introduced into the problem area of the sewer line. Depending on the information received, our technicians measure out the length of liner material needed to cover the hole, crack or leak.

We perform the hydro-jetting process to wash out the dirt and debris out the pipeline before the repair takes place. Next, the liner is placed into the exact position, with the resin sticking to the inner pipe surface. The resin can set inside any pipe material, whether it be clay, concrete, metal or PVC. After a few hours, the resin forms an excellent seal within the old pipe structure. It’s jointless, improves the flow rate and makes for a better sewer system overall. Ingredients can be either unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy, which are all resistant to wastewater. CIPP resolves almost all common piping problems, i.e., corrosion, separated joints, cracks, root intrusion and material buildup and keeps these problems from coming back. Camera inspection is again executed at the end to ensure pipe repair success.

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