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When your property’s sewer line has begun reaching the end of its lifespan, repairing it is key to keeping your Tampa Bay business running smoothly. If your sewer lines are beneath trees or bushes, or located near extensive landscaping, sidewalks, driveways or other semi-permanent features, total sewer excavation can cause a great deal of collateral damage to the surrounding area that will be expensive to repair. But thanks to advanced technology, full sewer pipe replacements may not be necessary.

At Lining Solutions, we are proud to offer a trenchless solution to your sewer pipe problems by relining the existing pipes, the far superior option because it removes the step of digging trenches. With our ability to line hundreds of linear feet of sewer pipe, we can quickly repair your underground pipes with minimal disruption to your business and property.

What Can Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining Do for Your Business?

Cured-in-place piping is a technologically advanced method used to repair trenchless relining systems. Professional sewer and drain companies like Lining and Coating Solutions are able to remotely line the cracked or broken section of the pipe without having to dig out a trench on your property. After the interior of the pipe is cleaned and dried, our installers will apply the lining to the problem area, than cure it in place with hot steam as it molds into all the cracks inside the pipe.

A cured-in-place pipe lining provides a new, durable pipe at a fraction of the cost and interruption associated with digging up and replacing the damaged pipe. Our commercial and industrial pipe lining restores the flow and function of your pipes and adds decades to their useable lifespan.

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A Closer Look at Sewer Lining

Any trenchless pipe repair starts with a video camera inspection of your pipes, allowing our technicians to assess the condition of the line, find where the trouble spots are and make sure we are resolving everything effectively. Once we’ve identified the problem, we use our patented pull-in-place lining technology to insert an epoxy-impregnated inflatable liner into your pipes. We then inflate the liner to fill the interior of your pipe by pressing the coating to the walls of the pipe. This epoxy cures and seals up any cracks or gaps as it creates a new pipe within your old one.

When you choose non-destructive pipe repair with trenchless lining, there is no need for heavy equipment all over your property, and a job that used to take weeks has a much shorter turnaround time and can be accomplished within a few hours. As a bonus, trenchless repairs are much better for our environment because they result in less pollution and fewer toxins being released into our atmosphere.

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If you are looking to replace an existing underground sewer pipe that has started to leak, be aware that you have options. Sewer linings can help repair cracked pipes without having to completely replace your sewer lines or destroy the area around them. At Lining and Coating Solutions, we apply our years of experience and cutting-edge equipment to work for our customers throughout the Tampa Bay area. Contact us today for solutions to all your sewer line woes, and we will be happy to help.

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