Trenchless Pipe Lining in Sarasota, FL

If you’re looking to get your sewer pipe lined or relined, look no further than the services offered by Lining & Coating Solutions in your residential, commercial, or industrial area of Pinellas, Florida.

At Lining & Coating Solutions, we have an innovative solution to your sewer pipe and drain problems. Instead of digging up portions of your yard and taking days to fix a small problem, we offer a simpler, but more efficient, method. Trenchless sewer pipe and drain lining is an affordable and convenient method that fixes the damage with ease and is available to the South Sarasota area.

Why Sewer Pipes Need To Be Relined In Sarasota

As the lifespan of a pipe or drain shortens, it begins to encounter problems and damage. This can include weakening walls due to corrosion or sudden small cracks and leaks from outside factors, like tree roots. These outcomes can have steep consequences if they are not found and treated early on. Fortunately, pipe lining is a strong repair method that can keep these problems from progressing, and it can last up to fifty years.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services

Our technician will begin the repair with a video inspection of the sewer pipe or drain. This involves inserting a waterproof camera and fiber optics cable into the pipe, and maneuvering it so that all areas can be viewed. The video footage is sent back to the technician through a small portable TV screen. This footage allows them to identify the type of problem and its location.

After the pipe or drain has been screened, then it needs to be cleaned. With the aid of an advanced cleaning technique called hydro jetting, the walls of the pipe can be scoured clean. This includes mineral deposits and clogs. Having the pipe or drain cleaned to this extent gives the lining a surface to adhere onto, while removing any potential problems.

How The Sewer Drain Lining Process Works

After the cleaning, then the lining can be prepared. First, an inflatable sleeve is covered with an epoxy resin. This sleeve is then placed into the pipe or drain and correctly positioned. Then its internal bladder is inflated, and the epoxy is forced onto the walls of the pipe.

After about twenty-four hours, the epoxy is allowed to harden into a new wall. This acts as a barrier between the damaged area and the water or debris. After curing, the sleeve can be removed and the pipe can be used right away. This lining can be adjusted to nearly any problem size, up to 1500 feet in length and 100 inches in width.

Sewer pipe or drain lining is just a twenty-four installation process and comes with a lifespan of nearly fifty years. The efficiency of the lining method keeps from interrupting your day with stress and long hours of work. Since digging is kept to a minimum, you’re not left with deep trenches and uprooted parts of your property. It’s a simple but trustworthy and reliable fix.

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If you are in the South Sarasota area and would like to speak to a technician about our lining services, please give us a call at 888-345-5112! Our staff takes pride in being able to supply quality and timely work, and we are always happy to answer your questions!

Lining & Coating Solutions is intent on offering only the best solutions. That’s why we offer our unique epoxy resin. It outlasts all pipes and essentially creates a pipe-within-a-pipe. This ensures that you have the best solution- it outlasts any leaks, damages, break-ins, clogs, and provides a slick surface that can keep your pipes durable and reliable for years to come.

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