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Lining and Coating Solutions is the Clearwater, Florida area expert on trenchless sewer pipe repair for commercial, industrial, and municipal needs. Our premium technology dramatically reduces project time and cost for any sewer repair, from a single outflow restoration to a major city sewer renovation initiative.

Because Lining and Coating Solutions specializes in commercial and public applications, we’re familiar with RFQ requirements and are comfortable with the procurement process. We adhere to high professional standards and will communicate with your project leaders regularly throughout the process to ensure that you are aware of the current progress and satisfied with the results. When you choose Lining & Coating Solutions, you are entering a business-to-business relationship built on years of experience and proven results.

New Technology & Services With Lining and Coating Solutions

What puts Lining and Coating Solutions ahead of other providers is our ability to effectively restore large, industrial- and municipal-scale sewer lines using innovative pipe lining. This new method for sewer repair uses a specifically-engineered, very-high-strength epoxy to create a replacement pipe that is affixed to the interior of the failing pipe. With this new-millennium technology, we can dramatically increase the life expectancy of commercial and municipal sewer lines by fifty years or more, giving facilities directors and city managers the power to control the schedule for sewer renovations.

Our experienced, expert technicians and advanced, industrial-grade sewer repair systems are key to effective pipe lining in large-scale projects. We can easily repair pipes with a width greater than 100 inches and a length exceeding 1,500 feet, and our technology enables us to do it without major excavation or long-term damage. We can restore a pipe from the inside using a couple of small access points to introduce our equipment.

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Completing The Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Process

To complete a trenchless sewer pipe repair, we begin by fully inspecting the area to be rehabilitated, both with direct visual inspection where possible and with sewer camera inspection technology in pipes that are too narrow to enter. We then clean the interior of the pipe using high-pressure water, our eco-friendly method for removing pipe buildup and corrosion without damage to the pipe or harm to the environment.

Next, we apply the epoxy to a removable sleeve that is pulled into the pipe and positioned, then inflated to apply the resin firmly to the interior of the pipe. Over the next several hours, the epoxy cures to form a cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, that fully seals the faulty sewer line and improves water and waste flow. Finally, we cut new laterals and reconnect the pipe to surrounding outlets, restoring service in a fraction of the time and cost that a replacement would require.

Pipes relined by Lining and Coating Solutions have superior characteristics to standard pipe materials. The ultra-strong epoxy resists saltwater corrosion, so damage from flooding and storm surge is much less frequent. It is also rustproof and root resistant to ensure long-term, hassle-free success.

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Lining and Coating Solutions proudly serves businesses and cities through the mid-South and Southeast, and we lead the way in superior sewer pipe repair solutions in Clearwater, Florida. We can help you restore weakened sewer lines, so you can schedule updates according to your budget availability rather than in response to a sewer emergency. Call us today to request more information!

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