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Prior to the advancements of trenchless sewer pipe repairs, the repair process required businesses to close their doors for extended periods of time and allow the workers to unbury the pipe before any further work could be done. In a process that could take months to complete, this was extremely detrimental to businesses that relied on keeping their doors open for as long as possible in order to be successful. The costs of needing to dig the pipe out of the ground were significant and made the process extremely inefficient in meeting the needs of business owners.

At Lining Coating Solutions, we are proud to announce that we have moved away from relying on digging trenches to conduct repairs. Instead, our trenchless sewer pipe repair process is faster and more reliable because we incorporate trenchless technology to make it successful. Our work is meant to be discreet and fast so that the flow of business isn’t disturbed for our customers. With a limited crew and machinery, we make sure our work can be finished within a single day so that you don’t have to experience long periods of downtime and inconvenience.

In order for our process to be successful, our repair process also includes inspections and cleanings at the start of our visit. A sewer camera inspection is used to determine the cause and location of the sewer pipeline concern. Lining Coating Solutions utilizes a robotic sewer camera that can easily move throughout the entire length of the pipeline. The camera is designed to record the entire 360-degree internal diameter of the pipeline, and as the footage is fed to our monitor, we are able to determine the exact cause of the problems in your pipeline.

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If we find areas of corrosion or clogs inside of the pipe, we employ a high-pressure cleaning process called water jetting. We insert a hose with a rotating nozzle attached to the spout into the sewer pipe. The water ejected from the hose is strong and shatters clogs while effectively flushing away corrosion and other organic material. This allows our sewer lining process to completely seal away cracks and leaks discovered in the pipeline. A sleeve coated with an epoxy resin is placed inside the pipe, and it’s inflated to press the resin against the interior of the sewer pipe. Once a few hours for curing and hardening have passed, the liner is removed and a new, smooth, and resistant pipe created by epoxy resin remains.

If the diagnosis of the sewer pipe indicates a major break or collapse, we will recommend a different trenchless solution called pipe bursting. In this process, we are able to account for major damage to the pipe by fracturing the broken sewer line into the surrounding soil with a bursting head. Attached to the bursting head is an HDPE pipe, and as the old pipe is broken apart, the new pipe is dragged along behind the bursting head for a simultaneous installation in place of the old pipe. This allows us to effectively replace the pipe without needing to manually disconnect it and establish a new pipe connection after digging a trench into the ground.
At Lining Coating Solutions, we have a dedicated team ready to help our customers in the Lakeland area. Contact us through our website or send us a call, and our team of trenchless sewer pipe repair experts will discuss all of the options and benefits with you.

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