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The traditional sewer repair process was a time-consuming, expensive ordeal that had the potential to create health hazards for home and business owners, making it an experience that most people dreaded needing. At Lining & Coating Solutions, we offer all of our customers in the Lafayette community an easier and more efficient means of repairing sewer lines, and our innovations in trenchless technology allow us to quickly solve these problems at a great price.

Our trenchless sewer repairs prevent the need to dig trenches, instead relying on small holes or existing access points into the sewer lines in order to repair them. Because the process of digging trenches is unnecessary, the process of sewer repairs is much faster, and as a result, we can devote our time to producing long-lasting solutions. As part of this process, we begin all of our sewer repairs with a sewer camera inspection. We use a small camera to inspect the inside of your pipes, navigating it through the bends and curves with a flexible cable and analyzing the footage on a monitor. Through this inspection, we are able to expose any problems in your pipes, including clogs, cracks, leaks, misalignments, and even collapses in the line. After we have finished assessing the situation and looking over the footage, we recommend one of two repair methods depending on the situation, pipe lining or pipe bursting. Both of these repair processes are trenchless and are equally capable of restoring the functionality of your sewer pipes quickly and efficiently.
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In the trenchless pipe lining process, we line the inner walls of your sewer pipes with an epoxy resin lining, installing a new pipe inside of the old one without needing to excavate it. After the liner is applied, it is allowed to cure and harden for a few hours, and after this process is complete, the new pipe has effectively replaced the older pipe as a stronger, more durable material that resists tree root penetration and corrosion. We recommend this process for situations when the old pipe is cracked or leaking and needs to be renewed with a powerful lining. In the process of pipe bursting, the old pipe is fractured apart with a drill head machine that, as it moves through the old pipe and breaks it apart, pulls the new epoxy-based pipe along behind it, allowing it to be installed in the place of the old pipe. We employ this method of sewer repair when the old pipe is collapsed or too damaged to be renewed with an epoxy resin and lining. These options are flexible and versatile, capable of fixing a variety of pipe materials while ensuring that the new pipe has an extended lifespan of at least fifty years or more, eliminating the need of repairs in the near future.

Because of this, the benefits of trenchless sewer repairs are huge. Not only does the process bypass the need for digging trenches and hiring extra labor crews, it also saves our customers time by taking less than a day to complete. In addition, our processes are environmentally friendly, avoiding releasing toxic gases into the air by preserving the landscaping and ensuring that all of the work is done underground. At Lining & Coating Solutions, we can help you with even the worst sewer pipe issues. Call us today to book an inspection of your sewer pipes in Lafayette, and we look forward to working with you.

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