Sewer Repair in Little Rock, Arkansas

Technology is supposed to make life easier for everyone. In the plumbing industry, innovation comes in the form of trenchless sewer repair from Lining & Coating Solutions. Believe it or not, you can have your sewer pipes restored to new-like condition without digging up land and waiting for weeks on end.

Here at Lining & Coating Solutions we offer the best sewer repair for your business property. Our no dig solution can fix your sewer lines in the most efficient way using the latest equipment. The flooring, walls and yard will be saved using this innovative repair technique.

Inspection To Get To The Underlying Issue

People won’t really know what’s happening with their sewer lines until they see it for themselves. Our capable technicians will run a visual on your sewer lines using a high definition camera that’s attached to a flexible line to literally get a clear picture.

Some of the more common issues in Little Rock include root intrusion that comes from nearby trees and shrubs, cracks and leaks due to structural defects, misalignment caused by ground movement, corroded pipes, poor workmanship, etc. The real time video feed will show us the exact source of the problem and allow us to come up with an accurate diagnosis each and every time.
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Trenchless Pipe Lining Methods

Pipe lining is the preferred method of rehabilitating your damaged or old sewer pipes.

Extensive digging was an inevitable part of the repair process in the old days. Contractors tore up the land in search of the sewer issue, manually repaired it and left you to call a landscape contractor to put all the soil to where it was before. Digging brings up harmful toxins that are bad for both people and the environment. Open holes are a major risk to automobiles and passers-by as well.

Now, all the repairs can be made using only one access point. Excavation along the pipeline is not a necessity- repairs can be done at virtually any point in your sewer system. The exact liner measurement depends on how the sewer camera inspection went. Then, we hydro jet to clear your pipes of any debris before continuing with the trenchless sewer repair.

The pulled in place process involves lining a flexible tube with a special epoxy resin, then using high-tech equipment to “pull” the tube in the exact position as the ailing pipe. The special resin epoxy is part of a two-step process that has a near perfect success rate. We utilize the pipe lining inversion process when applicable, which is able to lay hundreds of feet of new piping material in just one go. Your new pipes are expected to last 50 years or more.

Forget having to call a contractor just to trouble you with all the dug trenches and added costs of restoring your landscape or hardscape to what it was before. Call Lining & Coating Solutions today and see how trenchless technology can strengthen your sewer system’s overall integrity. We repair broken pipes and make them stronger and more resistant to common plumbing issues.

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