Storm drains are paramount to keep your yard, street, and home from flooding. Should it crack and begin to leak, the surrounding area could become waterlogged and weak. This could cause potential damage to your home and surrounding buildings. So keeping your storm drain maintained is beneficial for not only you, but to the homes around yours.

What Is Storm Drain Lining?

Lining and Coating Solutions offers Sarasota County a drain repair method called pipe lining. It’s a simple, trenchless process. The traditional method required backhoes and days of digging up parts of your yard or concrete to get to the storm drain. It could take up to a few weeks to complete the entire repair, simply because of the excavation. Thankfully, this repair method does not require so much extensive digging. Instead, a small access point can be carefully dug to allow the technician to see and work on the storm drain.

The lining process is essentially creating a new wall within the drain. To begin, the technician may need to perform an inspection. This consists of a waterproof video camera, fiber optic cables, and a portable screen. The camera is mounted onto the cables and is inserted into the drain. The video footage is then sent back to the technician via the portable screen. With its high definition quality, the technician is able to observe any damage or clogs on the interior. After they are able to determine the problem, whether a clog or weakened area, they can begin with formulating a solution.

How We Line Storm Drains In Commercial Buildings In Sarasota County, FL

If the drain needs to be repaired, then the technician may first begin with cleaning the drain. This removes any potential blockages or other debris. It also gives the drain lining a smooth surface to form onto. The cleaning process is called hydro jetting and it uses pressurized water to blast away the gunk, with a unique nozzle head that covers 360 degrees. This allows the spray to each all areas of the drain and to break down some of the toughest substance. Because it just uses water, there is no need to worry about chemicals coming in contact with the soil.

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After the hydro jetting session is complete, the lining can begin. Through the access point, a tube is inserted with an inflatable bladder inside it. The tube is coated with epoxy resin on the outside, which will serve as the foundation for the new storm drain lining. As the bladder is inflated, this pushes the epoxy up against the drain sides, which allows for an even application that fills in cracks and leaks. Then the epoxy needs about twenty-four hours to cure. Curing hardens the epoxy resin and allows it to create an airtight barrier between the original wall and the water. Once the curing is done, the tube can be removed and the drain can be used immediately after.

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