Storm Drain Pipe Repair in Clearwater, Florida

For the most effective storm drain pipe repair in Clearwater, Florida, you can trust Lining and Coating Solutions. We protect your business from costly, disruptive flooding and water damage by employing the latest technology to restore your problem storm drains to full service quickly and at an affordable price.

The Importance Of Storm Drains & Our Approach To Fixing Them

During daily summer thundershowers, frequent tropical storms, and occasional hurricanes, your storm drains work hard to funnel away flooding to protect your business from water damage. These important property features help maintain building integrity, keep parking areas and walkways safe, and protect the surrounding soil from erosion. If a storm drain malfunctions, the ground around it becomes soaked with water, which increases runoff during precipitation and endangers your property.

Lining and Coating Solutions is a leader in restoring damaged storm drains with our innovative trenchless technology, a modern solution for repairing pipes underground without any major excavation. Rather than digging out your parking area and landscaping to replace the faulty drain, we can return it to like-new capacity by relining it with a specialized, high-strength epoxy.

The Pipe Repair Methods At Lining & Coating Solutions

First, we carefully inspect the pipe with our sewer camera inspection system, then we clean it with powerful hydro jetting technology. Next, we insert a soft, pliable tube into the pipe that has a coating of the epoxy. We position it to extend over the damaged areas and then the tube is inflated, which presses the epoxy against the interior of the pipe and seals all the cracks and gaps. Over the next several hours, it hardens into a new, cured-in-place pipe that fully restores the storm drain. The new pipe resists saltwater corrosion, oxidation, and tree root penetration. It is also heat-damage resistant, so it lasts for decades even in the subtropical Florida climate.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services
Storm drain pipe repair by Lining and Coating Solutions is superior to traditional dig-and-replace techniques in many ways. Because only small access points are needed to introduce all of the necessary tools, your business activities will not be disrupted by large, noisy equipment that blocks parking areas and entryways. Rather than days of work crews and traffic, we can typically complete a restoration in a day or two. Instead of thousands of dollars in repaving and re-landscaping costs, you have a just a couple of small holes to patch. We save businesses and municipalities dozens of hours and thousands of dollars on every storm drain repair project.

Lining and Coating Solutions specializes in commercial, industrial, and municipal services, and we’ve invested in the heavy-duty tools necessary to do the job well. Our skilled technicians expertly repair storm drain pipes of any diameter, and we are familiar with all local Clearwater regulations for both private and public facilities. We are also cognizant of the effect of our actions on traffic and pedestrians, and we take steps to keep the carbon footprint small while minimizing the impact on your customers.

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Lining and Coating Solutions is the preferred provider for commercial storm drain pipe repair in Clearwater. We have the right tools and experience to ensure a good experience for every customer. Call us today to learn more!

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