Storm Drain Pipe Repair in Largo, Florida

Storm drains help transport excess water from storms off of the streets and into washes located underground, and keeping these pipes in check is just one of the many services that our team is trained to provide at Lining & Coating Solutions. By keeping storm drains operational year-round, we mitigate water damage and flooding accidents and ensure that businesses in Largo can be successful and avoid worrying about the quality of the pipes in the area.

How Storm Drain Pipes Are Repaired

At Lining & Coating Solutions, we repair storm drains with equipment that is eco-friendly and minimally invasive. These qualities propel our work to be trenchless while encouraging no-dig solutions that will produce results for many years. In addition to the repair services themselves, we also offer camera inspection, leak detection, and drain cleaning services that complement our work and enhance the quality of our work.

The Camera Inspection & Leak Detection Process
To determine where the problem lies within the storm drain pipe, we conduct a thorough inspection to identify clogs and locate possible leaks as needed. Our combination of camera inspection and leak detection services ensures that we will be able to accurately diagnose the problem. This includes finding a number of different problems, such as:

  • Cracks
  • Leaks
  • Collapsed pipelines

Cleaning The Drains
After the exact nature of the problem has been determined and diagnosed, the storm drain will need to be cleaned of extra debris and waste in order to be repaired. To do this, we blast debris out of the pipe with high-pressure streams of water. This allows us to effectively remove waste and prepare the pipe for the lining process. By having a smooth interior, the epoxy resin we install can adhere to it properly.

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Lining The Storm Drain Pipe
To repair the pipe, we insert a unique epoxy resin formula that will allow the pipe to be restored from within. The epoxy resin is applied to an inflatable liner that is inserted into storm drain itself. After it has been moved into position, the liner is expanded and forced to adopt the diameter of the host pipe. The combination of the expansion and pressure exerted on the inflated liner allows the epoxy resin to be transferred from the liner to the inside of the pipe, filling cracks and leaks while evenly covering corrosion and other problems.

The curing process for the epoxy resin can take up to several hours, and once it has completely hardened, it acts as the new pipeline, with a smooth and durable texture that encourages efficient water flow. This offers a trenchless, eco-friendly solution, as the epoxy resin we install is safe for potable water systems as well as non-potable systems, and without any toxic chemicals, this keeps the water from being tainted.

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At Lining & Coating Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping storm drains running properly, and we strive to offer solutions that will restore these systems quickly and efficiently. With affordable prices and long-lasting results, we promise high-quality, excellent solutions in all of the work we do. Call us today and discover how we can help your business in Largo today!

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