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When it comes to maintaining and repairing your storm drains, Lining and Coating Solutions has affordable and trenchless options for residents of Miami. Whether having old, damaged storm drains or ones that just need some preventative care, we have the solution. Our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining process relines them, giving the pipes a smooth internal coating that acts like an entirely new pipe. Our pipe bursting completely replaces your malfunctioning drain pipe with an entirely new one! Both options are trenchless and require very little digging, so there’s no need for contractors or giant trenches on your property.

To help aid us in our effective and accurate care, we use video inspection equipment to identify the problem. It’s easily inserted into the pipes and we have a portable screen that our technicians use on scene. It gives us immediate insight into the conditions of your pipes and then we can come up with the corresponding solution, eliminating any speculation or second-guessing about the problem plaguing your storm drains.

If it looks like CIPP method is the most efficient option for your pipe repair, a video inspection starts the process. Once we are able to identify the problem, we set to work on cleaning the pipe. We do this to not only improve the water flow but to create a smooth surface for our epoxy to harden and cure to. This epoxy eventually becomes the new wall of the pipe. It is inserted in on an inflatable tube, which is pressed against the interior wall while it cures. This helps the epoxy maintain the shape and also forces it to seal all the old cracks and leaks. Once it is cured, we do a final inspection to ensure the installation proceeded accordingly, and after the job is done, you have a new and improved storm drain.

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Another option is pipe bursting, a solution that is particularly effective if the storm drain pipeline has collapsed to the point that lining it would be an impossibility. In this process, the front portion of a replacement pipe is attached to a cone-shaped bursting head, which is slightly larger than the original pipe. This head is connected to either cables or a hydraulic system, which pull it through the old pipe. As this happens, the larger size of the bursting head forces the pipe to split and fall apart. Once in the correct position, the head is removed and the new pipe is connected to the original pipe system.

Both of these options can help eliminate potential water backup from blocked or damaged sewer drains. Without it, this backup could flood your property, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Our pipe bursting and CIPP methods are not only affordable but quick to install as well. We don’t have to wait for contractors or digging equipment, so our technicians can get straight to work on fixing your storm drains.

So if you’d like to repair or replace your storm drain, give us a call at 888-345-5112 to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and professional technicians!

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