Lining and Coating Solutions is able to offer its storm drain repair services to the Sarasota County area. If your storm drain is experiencing issues that are affecting proper water collection, then having it repair performed is vital. We pride ourselves in offering services that are quick, efficient, and affordable.

When Storm Drain Line Repairs Are Required In Sarasota County, FL

Having a storm drain that is able to redirect water is very important for the conditions of your business and the buildings surrounding it. If it should malfunction or break, this could create a hazard to not only structures, but pedestrians and vehicles. Waterlogged soil could also become weak and start to sink, which could cause problems with your office’s foundation.

Preventing this from happening can save you a great deal of money and time spent on damages. So if you suspect any damage to your storm drain or see any issues, please call our professional staff right away. They may first need to perform an inspection. This is done so that the damage can be pinpointed, which makes the repair a great deal quicker. The technician may insert a small waterproof camera into the storm drain. This camera sends footage back to a portable screen in real-time, allowing the technician to see the location and severity of the damage while on site.

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How The Repair Process For Storm Drains In Florida Works

Once the inspection is finished, the technician can begin lining the damaged area of the drain. They may first clean the interior in order to remove any objects that could impede the water flow. This process is called hydro jetting. In addition to its cleaning properties, it also creates a smooth and even surface for the lining to adhere to. Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water, not chemicals or substances that could become a hazard. The spray is strong enough to blast away residue or buildup and flush it down the drain, leaving the interior clear. Once the cleaning is completed, then the lining process can start.

To start, a sleeve is placed and positioned into the storm drain. This sleeve contains an inflatable bladder and its external surface is coated in epoxy resin. The epoxy resin is what forms the lining. Once the technician confirms that the sleeve is in the correct spot, the sleeve can be inflated. The pressure from the inflated bladder forces the epoxy onto the drain’s walls, creating an airtight barrier. Then after a period of twenty-four hours, the epoxy resin can cure into a new wall. The sleeve can then be removed and the storm drain is repaired and ready to go!

Storm drain repair is a simple process done with the lining technique. It’s trenchless, so it may not require large amounts of excavation that could disrupt your day or week. And the inspection helps the technician find the specific problem, which eliminates the need for guesswork. This makes for a faster and more efficient repair.

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