Trenchless Pipe Lining in Lafayette, Louisiana

If you’re having sewer problems, it’s time to consider a solution. If you have problems with clogging, debris, or other blockages, the solution may be trenchless pipe lining. Look no further than the services offered here at Lining & Coating Solutions.

Why Pipe Lining?

Not only does pipe lining do wonders for aiding in the moving of clogs or debris, but it’s also great for leaks. With pipe lining, you don’t have to worry about any small leaks because the entire section of pipe is lined all in one go. With this stress removed, you don’t have to worry about constantly checking pipe lines for pinhole leaks, pipes in danger of breaking, or a misaligned joint. Regardless of these problems, our contractors are capable and experienced.

The process of pipe lining starts with a sewer camera inspection. We use a camera on the end of a cable that reaches up to 1,500 linear feet and enters your pipes through a pre-existing entry point. This inspection allows us to see the issues we’re dealing with inside your pipe, and provide the best solution. We can send this video to you if requested, so you can be sure that the problems we’re showing you are real. Once we see the problem, we use our patented pull-in-place lining technology. With this technology, we push an inflatable liner into your pipes filled with a hardening epoxy solution. We inflate the epoxy holder to the wall of your pipes and allow it to cure. This usually takes about two hours. This epoxy seals off any cracks or leaks inside your pipes and seamlessly solves any issues with old piping.

Why Trenchless Pipe Lining?

We use trenchless technologies to save you time, money, and energy. With trenchless, you don’t have to worry about a two-week long leak repair. It takes a matter of hours to fill in cracks and voids with trenchless technologies.

Florida Sewer Pipe Repair Services
Because traditional repairs rely upon large trenches, it’s costly in property damage. Not only is your landscape, or potentially your driveway, patio, or other concrete slabs saved by trenchless, so is city property. In cases of sewer damage, it’s possible that plumbers have to go out to the main sewer line. This is often in the middle of the street. That requires the rerouting of traffic even in low-traffic areas. Also because of large trenches, you have to have licenses for large machinery operation on your property. These costs don’t exist in trenchless. We try to consistently use pre-existing entry points, and the ones we do make are small and easily repaired.

As a whole, trenchless technologies save money. Costs of repair and replacement are practically nonexistent. We have all the licensing for our equipment. You don’t pay a penny for that. Not only that, but we don’t believe in needing to repair solutions that should last upwards of twenty years, as in the case of our epoxy solution. With our technology here at Lining & Coating Solutions, we are intent on keeping up with the times. Trenchless guarantees that as a reality.

Why Lining & Coating Solutions?

We service commercial, industrial, and municipal properties. Your small business is no less important than the jobs we do in large factories. Your business is our top priority, so we offer the latest technologies and time-and-money saving techniques to truly repair or replace your plumbing. We rely upon our varied experience to provide you with the best services possible. So, don’t look any further than the services here at Lining & Coating Solutions for your speedy, effective trenchless pipe lining.

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