Trenchless Pipe Lining in Little Rock, Arkansas

Lining & Coating Solutions is your number one source for trenchless pipe lining in Little Rock, Arkansas. We have the technology you need to repair your business’s water and sewer lines quickly and cost-effectively.

Trenchless Pipe Lining: Fast, Effective and Long-Term

Unlike traditional sewer repair which requires days of excavation to remove the broken pipe, trenchless pipe lining uses an innovative process that applies the repair through existing access points with minimal digging. First, the interior of the damaged pipe is thoroughly inspected and cleaned to prepare a smooth surface to which the repair can adhere. A specialized tube coated with an epoxy resin is pulled through the access and extended the length of the pipe, covering all the damaged sections, then the tube is inflated, forming a new resin pipe inside of the damaged one. This thin, strong lining cures for several hours until hardened, forming a rust, corrosion and tree root resistant cured-in-place pipe that can last for decades. The entire process can often be completed within a day, in comparison to days or weeks of construction in traditional excavation methods.

Trenchless pipe lining has many applications: potable water lines, industrial water intakes and outflows, sewer lines, and commercial wastewater, to name a few. The epoxy coating is approved in Arkansas for lining older pipes to prevent lead leaching into water supplies, and it protects against biological leaks in hospital and biochemistry settings.

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Pipe Lining for Little Rock Commercial, Municipal and Industrial Needs

For the many commercial industries in the Little Rock area, trenchless pipe lining can be the difference between a short disruption of production and days of poor performance or even complete shutdown. Because the liner is inserted into existing plumbing, you won’t need to take large sections of the facility offline to allow concrete floors and walls to be removed and replaced. You can also avoid sanitation dangers to your workforce and potential violations for leaks or spills. The process is completed quickly, minimizing production loss.

For Little Rock area municipalities, trenchless pipe lining gives city administrators the power to extend the life of our aging water and sewer mains, so you can control the schedule for repairs and upgrades. Pipe lining can be completed for pipes over 100 inches in diameter and in lengths up to 1500 feet, making it an effective solution for most municipal applications in the Little Rock area. It requires little disruption to vehicle or pedestrian traffic and only a minor impact on surrounding businesses.

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Whether you’re part of the Little Rock’s growing commercial and industrial market or you take care of a municipality’s day to day operations, Lining and Coating Solutions guarantees innovative technology and top-quality service for you. We’ll develop an effective, affordable trenchless pipe lining solution that fits your unique needs and budget. Call us today for more information about how we can help you. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Lining and Coating Solutions is proud to serve the entire Southeast region, and we are more than happy to come to you in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

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