Trenchless Pipe Lining in Pinellas County, Florida

Keeping your water lines protected and functional is one of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your business.

Why Sewer Systems Need To Be Rehabilitated With Trenchless Pipe Lining Services

Over time the water line, pipes, and even the water main will begin to experience damage. Time, extreme temperatures, and corrosion from high water pressure or chemicals are all factors in weakening water pipes. The weakened areas could develop cracks or leaks, and could even cause the pipe to burst. So addressing these smaller issues of leaks and weakened areas is paramount to maintain the water pipe strength.

Lining and Coating Solutions offers a repair service that can fix these problems in a timely and affordable manner. This trenchless repair method is readily available to the Pinellas County area. It’s an easy repair that takes about twenty-four hours to install and restores the pipe from the inside. Pipe lining is also a trenchless method, which means having to excavate your yard or home to just find the problem is not a part of the process.

The Process Of Lining The Pipes With Trenchless Methods In Pinellas County

Before the lining process can begin, the technician needs to inspect the water pipe for the problem. Finding the issue gives them the ability to tailor the lining based on the parameters of the damage. First, a camera mounted on cables is inserted into the pipe through an existing access point. This camera sends back high-definition footage to the technician, who uses it to diagnose the problem.

Following the inspection, the pipe or water main needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the interior of the pipe restores it to the original diameter and allows the lining to form properly to the pipe’s shape. This cleaning is done with a hydro jetting service. This utilizes pressurized water to blast debris into small particles that can be simply washed away.

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Once the cleaning is finished, then the lining can be applied. This lining repairs the pipe from the inside. First, a flexible tube is inserted into the pipe through a small access point dug by the technician. The surface of the tube is encased in epoxy resin, which will form the lining once the tube is inflated. The force of the inflation ensures that the epoxy will form and hold to the shape and diameter of the pipe.

The epoxy needs to cure for about twenty-four hours and will harden into a new wall.  Then the service of the pipe will be restored to normal. This liner can support a new lifespan of nearly fifty years, and also reinforces the pipe’s original strength. It’s also less costly than replacing the entire pipe, as there is no excavation to remove the damaged areas and no added cost for the replacement materials.

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