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Water pipes and drains are the backbones of keeping your business safe and efficient. Wastewater needs to have an exit that won’t compromise your health, and the sewer system is what keeps this hazardous water away from you and your loved ones. However, small complications in your drains and pipes could harm this system.

What Makes Trenchless Pipe Lining Effective At Restoring Faulty Water Mains?

Thankfully, Lining and Coating Solutions offers Siesta Key safe and reliable pipe lining repairs to counter these problems. Pipe lining is a repair process that takes about twenty-four hours instead of weeks and is a powerful solution. Rather than cutting out and replacing sections, or replacing the affected area altogether, lining creates a new wall over the damage.

Pipe and drain lining is a trenchless method. Instead of creating a deep ditch to just access your pipe, a small hole is dug. This allows the tube can be inserted and removed and saves time and money compared to the traditional excavation method. Since only a day is required to complete the process, your work schedule or daily life can go undisturbed.

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How The Pipe Lining Process Fixes Sewer Systems In Siesta Key

The lining process starts with a camera inspection of the pipe or drain. The technician will insert a high-definition camera into the specific pipe, allowing them to have a view of the interior. This helps them diagnose the problem and identify its location. The footage also alerts them if the drain or pipe is strong enough to benefit from the lining. This is because the structure of the pipe provides the surface for the lining, so if the pipe or drain is too weak or damaged, they may need to replace it.

If the condition of the drain or pipe passes the inspection, then the technician can proceed with cleaning. This is done using highly pressurized water that blasts away old debris, residue, or deposits. Having the interior of the structure cleaned allows for the water flow to be restored, but also creates a smooth and even surface so the lining can form to it properly.

Once the cleaning is finished, then the lining can be applied. A tube with an inflatable bladder is placed inside the pipe or drain and then positioned for best fit. The surface of the tube is coated with an epoxy resin that will stick to the walls once the tube is inflated. The force of the bladder presses the epoxy against the interior to help it hold the shape of the pipe. It also forces it to fill in cracks or leaks. After a period of twenty-four hours, epoxy will cure and harden into a barrier that will act as a new pipe wall. Then the tube can be removed. After this, the drain or pipe is ready for use.

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