Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair in Charleston, SC

At Lining Coating Solutions, our team is proud to offer trenchless-based solutions for sewer line problems businesses may face in the Charleston community. Our team understands how important time is for a business, and we make sure that our work is reliable and efficient. This is possible because trenchless sewer pipe repair takes all the chaos, expenses, and speculation out of the blueprint for restoring your sewer pipeline.

Instead of relying on invasive, dig-and-replace techniques, our specialists work to solve any pipeline problems from within the pipeline where issues can be easily and directly seen. The original pipeline remains where it is currently residing, securely beneath the parking lot and infrastructure of your business.

Determining the cause of the pipeline disturbance is performed with a sewer camera inspection. Lining Coating Solutions utilizes a state of the art, waterproof, and robotic sewer camera. The camera is capable of navigating the entire internal length of the pipeline, and the video footage recorded on the camera is relayed to a monitor that our specialists defer to. This allows us to have a clear and open discussion regarding the diagnosis of the pipes between our specialists and our customers.

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Blockages and corrosion can be removed using a high-pressure water cleaning treatment called water jetting. A flexible hose and a rotating, jetting nozzle are inserted into the sewer pipeline. The jetting water is forceful enough to break apart even tree root clogs. This process can also effectively scour corrosion off of the walls as well, renewing the smoothness of the interior and making sure that our repairs can be done effectively.

Depending on the results of our diagnosis, we have various solutions readily available to solve the problem. If we discover a crack in the sewer line, we restore it through sewer lining. This work is also completed from inside of the unmoved, original pipeline. A liner coated with a resin is inserted into the pipe at the location of the crack. This liner is inflated, pressing the resin coating firmly against the interior wall of the pipe. After a few hours of curing and hardening, the sleeve is deflated and removed. A new, smooth, durable pipe wall remains and the repair is complete.

On occasion, we may find that the pipe needs to be fully replaced. In this case, Lining Coating Solutions has the perfect process to effectively do this. Pipe bursting is another trenchless solution for repairing sewer lines, and it involves fitting a new HDPE pipe to a bursting head. The bursting head is sent into the old pipe and breaks it apart, making room for the new HDPE pipe to replace it simultaneously as it is dragged along from behind. Once this process is completed, the new pipeline has completely replaced the old one without our team needing to dig any large, garish trenches.

Lining Coating Solutions has an experienced team ready to serve business industries across the Charleston area. We are fully prepared to help you with any sewer line predicament and are always open to discussing the options and the best, most cost-effective solutions. To learn more about our trenchless sewer pipe repair services and how we can help you, contact us for a consultation and we will be happy to speak with you.

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