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What To Know When Dealing With A Tree Root Intrusion in Your Tampa Business Sewer Lines

Underground sewer pipes are tempting propositions for tree roots seeking nourishment. Nearby trees aggressively send out their roots to survive, and once they find a crack in the joints, the roots invade it and choke it. Business establishments will have to deal with root intrusion to get their plumbing systems working again. At Lining Coat Solutions, we offer a trenchless solution that won’t disrupt daily operations or customer and staff activity. Our no-dig solution clears out tree roots in just a few hours.

Pipeline Materials Vulnerable To Tree Roots

The most vulnerable pipe material for root intrusion is clay. Its joints are especially vulnerable and a little pressure from roots can break them wide open. Cast iron pipes aren’t good either- they corrode over time and develop weak points from where the roots can get in. The problem with roots is that once they have access they will slowly grow and choke your sewer line until it becomes an emergency problem. Your Tampa business starts experiencing frequent clogging, back-ups and a significant loss of pressure and water flow over time.

How We Fix The Problem

At Lining Coating Solutions, we use the latest inspection equipment to get to the root of the matter. The data collected from the CCTV equipment reveals the condition, material and the length of your pipe. We’ll see exactly where the clog or root intrusion is and come up with a suitable solution in just a few minutes. Only one access point is needed to start the trenchless inspection process. Our skilled technicians can conduct inspections that span to more than 1,500 linear feet and check pipes of any-sized diameter.

Once the roots settle in they can be difficult to eliminate. At Lining Coating Solutions we use the latest hydro jetting equipment to unclog and clean your sewer lines. Our hydro jetter machine is one of the greenest solutions out there as it uses pressurized water to clear up the debris and calcified matter stuck to the insides of your pipes. In cases of pipe repairs, we use a felt liner coated with special epoxy to create a new pipe within the existing one. The liner is inflated and it forms the inner diameter. The seamless, jointless nature of the new pipe material prevents any future root intrusion for 50 years or more.

You can minimize the chances of tree roots invading your sewer lines through a well-planned tree landscaping. In conjunction with the installation of durable pipes, your pipes will be safe and root-free for decades. Avoid fast-growing trees such as birch, elm, aspen, maple, willow, and aspen, as well as trees where there are known sewer lines underneath.

Call Lining Coating Solutions When You Need Repairs

Keep an eye out for root-related sewer line issues such as gurgling sounds coming from the toilets, constant basement flooding, blockages, and backups. When these things happen it will be best to contact a professional technician to ensure smooth business operation. Call Lining Coating Solutions today and experience trenchless technology at its finest. We can spot potential issues and fix existing ones in the shortest amount of time.

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